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The 9 Best Luxury Mattresses of 2022, According to Expert Testers

The Best Luxury Mattresses With a bedroom renovation, what’s luxe got to do with it? The answer: A lot, if waking up in a forever staycation is your goal. One of the best luxury pieces you can splurge on is your mattress, the crown jewel of the bedroom. The best part: Unlike aspiring to own a luxury car, owning a luxury mattress is a purchase well within reach for most budgets. But just because a mattress calls itself luxury doesn’t mean it’s the ideal bed for you. And furthermore, who are you to judge if you haven’t had a chance…


Beauty and the Reusable Bag: Mesh Produce Sacks and More from Caya of Japan

If you haven’t begin toting reusable produce bags to the market, let these fetching examples provide the necessary nudge. They’re part of the Caya Collection, a line of home goods made in Nara, Japan, from kaya, the all-cotton mesh traditionally used in Japan for mosquito netting. “As the use of these nets fell out of favor in Japan, kaya found new life, thanks to the fact that it’s lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly,” explains Japanese import company Rikumo of Philadelphia, which recently began carrying the line.In addition to food sacks, Caya also offers furoshiki-style totes and oven mitts, all from the…


Required Reading: Gesa Hansen’s “The French Art of Countrification”

While the rest of us dream of living in Paris, three committed Parisian women friends recently found themselves living with their partners and children outside the city in the countryside near Fontainebleau. During the pandemic, as they discussed their new rustic lives, they decided to write a book about it.The result is Coming Home to Nature: The French Art of Countrification, and one of the authors is our friend, furniture and interiors designer Gesa Hansen. Gesa and her husband, Parisian restaurateur Charles Compagnon, started off by buying a weekend retreat several years ago that quickly became their full-time home—see A…


Current Obsessions: Into July

Here are just a few things we’re noting as we wrap up our Minimalist Summer issue and head into the long weekend.Above: Photograph by Raphaël Thibodeau, courtesy of L’Abri, from Heritage Meets High Efficiency: A Saltbox Passive House in Québec.“Color makes people feel alive”: how one garden designer incorporates “zing.”We’re admiring this 1906 firehouse in Pittsfield, Massachusetts that’s newly redone by seven BIPOC designers via The Kaleidoscope Project and opening for tours in August. Book your visit here.Remodelista favorite Atelier Vime’s first shop, La Maison Vime, opens today; stop by at 24 Quai du Rhone, Vallabrègues, France.Save the date for…


Insiders Go Behind the Scenes at 2022 Saratoga Springs Wrap Party

This past June, a select group of Insiders attended the Saratoga Springs Legacy Restored Project House wrap party to learn more about what happens on set. Share this story Share All sharing options for: Insiders Go Behind the Scenes at 2022 Saratoga Springs Wrap Party https://www.thisoldhouse.com/23190966/insiders-go-behind-the-scenes-at-2022-saratoga-springs-wrap-party


7 Ways to Prep for the Fourth of July

1. Hang Up a Flag First things first: No patriotic scene is complete without Old Glory. Whether you want to install a front-entry flagpole or place an in-ground flagpole in your yard, make sure you follow the Flag Code, which states the proper guidelines for displaying the American flag. We've made the Flag Code rules easy to follow: Flag Hanging Dos and Don'ts. 2. Create a Casual Spot for Entertaining Summer cookouts are best kept fuss-free, and the one for this holiday celebration is no different. A classic picnic table is the perfect outdoor dining spot for hosting friends and…

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