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Color Experts’ Picks for 2019 Color of the Year

Dunn-Edwards took inspiration from both near (the American West) and far (Mars!) in choosing a Color of the Year for 2019. "In these always-connected times, we start to crave real, genuine connections with the earth and with each other," says Sara McLean, color expert and stylist for Dunn-Edwards. "These feelings are reflected in a movement away from cooler hues toward more earth-inspired colors. Organic, autumnal, and life-affirming hues, such as Spice of Life, are strong, authentic, and full of humanity." Though mixing Spice of Life into an earthy palette—think shades of ocher, moss, and clay—is intuitive, McLean points out that the…


Trending on Gardenista: Holiday Houseplants

This week, the Gardenista editors de-mystified Christmastime staple Amaryllis, revealed Christmas tree secrets, and more. Here’s a look: Above: Amaryllis is pigeonholed as a Christmastime novelty in the US, but that need not be the case. Read Gardening 101: Amaryllis for everything you need to know about growing and maintaining this bloom (plus how to make an elegant holiday arrangement with it). Photograph by Sophia Moreno-Bunge. Above: December is no time to slack on your gardening chores. There’s plenty you can do, even in the winter months. Find out what in Your First Garden: 10 Things to Do in the Garden in December.…


Best of Home Inspection Nightmares

Best of Home Inspection Nightmares 3 × Hey, I Can Tile My Own Shower! Hey, I Can Tile My Own Shower! Photo by Tom Kaminski It just needs a little caulking to finish the job!  Tom Kaminski Cross Island Home Inspection Sayville, N.Y. 4 × Too Close for Comfort Too Close for Comfort Courtesy of ASHI Reporter Don't forget to turn off the fan before checking the smoke alarm! Matthew Steger WIN Home Inspection Lancaster, Pa. 5 × Going with the Grain Going with the Grain Courtesy of ASHI Reporter “Not wall switches; they are ‘vertical cabinet switches with a matching grain…


From Reform: A New Line of Ikea Cabinet Fronts Made with Dinesen Wood

Copenhagen-based Reform, which makes Ikea-compatible kitchen cabinet fronts, is on a roll—they opened a Brooklyn showroom not too long ago and they work with cutting-edge architects like Copenhagen firm Norm. Their latest offering is the UP kitchen, a collaboration between the architects at Lendager Group and Dinesen, using the floor company’s high-quality surplus material. The cabinet fronts and countertops, inspired by the classic craftsman kitchen, are made using cuts from solid, reclaimed Douglas fir left over from Dinesen projects. Here’s a look: Above: The fronts are finished with either light or dark oil from Junckers. Above: The countertops are made of the same solid, reclaimed Douglas…


12 Design Lessons from Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge

My favorite places to visit when traveling are biographical museums, the original homes or workplaces of architects, artists, or writers. The spaces are personal, the experience is intimate, and I leave feeling as though the subject is a close friend. Perhaps the most intimate of them all is Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge, England. That’s because Kettle’s Yard is remarkably unchanged since owners Jim and Helen Ede left in 1973. “One of [England’s] most intimate and spellbinding museums, the collection of one man and his unerring eye; restorative, homely yet life-changing,” writes Mark Fisher in Britain’s Best Museums and Galleries. Before Kettle’s Yard…


Our Favorite Christmas Tree Ornaments

Our Favorite Christmas Tree Ornaments 1 × Toolbox Blown-Glass Ornament Toolbox Blown-Glass Ornament PHOTO: AMAZON About $12; Amazon 2 × Hammer Blown-Glass Ornament Hammer Blown-Glass Ornament PHOTO: AMAZON $13.23; Amazon 3 × Fishing Tree Ornament Fishing Tree Ornament PHOTO: AMAZON About $8; Amazon 4 × 2018 New Home Ornament 2018 New Home Ornament PHOTO: AMAZON About $21; Amazon 5 × Christmas Story Leg Lamp Ornament Christmas Story Leg Lamp Ornament PHOTO: AMAZON About $15; Amazon 6 × Resin Construction Ornament Resin Construction Ornament PHOTO: AMAZON $14.70; Amazon 7 × Toilet and Plunger Blown-Glass Ornaments Toilet and Plunger Blown-Glass Ornaments PHOTO:…

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