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Steal This Look: A Well-Composed Music Room in Los Angeles

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A New, Natural Paint Line from Rose Uniacke in Shades of Pale

New from celebrated London designer Rose Uniacke: her first collection of paint, including 14 subtle neutrals, from gently green-hued Apple Mint to the softly pink-toned Bloom. Uniacke has partnered with Norfolk-based Graphenstone to create her chemical-free, 100 percent natural, and environmentally friendly paint collection; it’s available directly from Rose Uniacke, from £30 per liter (only in the UK at the moment). And in other RU news, this autumn she opens her second shop on the Pimlico Road, where her fabric collection, as well as table linen, bed linen and cashmere will be on offer. (It will also stock, and be…


Current Obsessions: Layering Season

Ahead this weekend: small-space upgrades, a new collection of rugs, lanterns, candles, and a few noteworthy design events. Read on: Above: Reading corner inspiration via A Danish Couple’s Thoughtfully Appointed 1927 Townhouse in Copenhagen. Photograph courtesy of Johanne Landbo and @femte.til.venstre. We’re looking ahead to one of our favorite events of the fall: Field + Supply, going on at the Hutton Brickyards in Kingston, NY, October 8th-10th. Passes are limited (and vaccination is required for all those over the age of 12); for more info and to register (or to shop virtually), head here. Planted, an inaugural event that explores…


5 Gorgeous Rock Landscaping Ideas

Rock landscaping is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its undeniable eco-friendly benefits. Unlike grass or other water-guzzling plants, rocks require little to no maintenance, don’t need water, and are instantly satisfying—no need to wait for them to mature like a shrub or tree. They’re also visually dynamic—adding unique shapes and textures to gardens large and small. Check out the other advantages of installing a rock garden, along with our favorite back and front yard rock landscaping ideas, below. The Benefits of Rock Landscaping Water is scarce in some parts of the United States, where drought-like conditions mean conserving water as…


All About Hydroponics

What Is Hydroponics? Hydroponics (hydro = water and ponics = working) uses water and nutrients to grow plants in various non-soil-based mediums such as sand, gravel, coir, and even wool. More simply, hydroponics is the practice of growing plants without soil. Since the 17th century, researchers have been exploring soilless plant cultivation—though the word hydroponic wasn’t coined until 1937. By using a self-contained system to deliver what plants need—water, light, oxygen, and nutrients—the soil that typically supports the plant and helps deliver some of these life-sustaining must-haves is no longer necessary. Types of Hydroponic Systems There are two main categories…


Types of Retaining Wall Materials

More than problem-solvers, retaining walls also have a sculptural quality that adds definition to the landscape, and they can be made from various materials to evoke different styles. Stacked timbers or mortared stone, for instance, can impart a rustic look, while poured concrete is sleekly modern. Just keep in mind that when planning for a type of retaining wall meant to hold back tons of soil, there’s little room for error. How Long Should a Retaining Wall Last? How effective your wall will be and how long a retaining wall will last—decades or just a few years—depends largely on things…

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