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A Porthole Passage and a Moving Bookcase: An Apartment Remodel for a Writer in Paris

Olivier, the incognito journalist-owner of this Paris apartment, describes his newly overhauled digs as “an unexpected synthesis of Oscar Niemeyer’s French Communist Party headquarters and my late grandparents’ house.” The 70-square meter (approximately 753-square-foot) space is situated on the top floor of a 19th-century two-story structure that had been a milking parlor.Wanting to live in a Paris suburb that hadn’t been “conquered by gentrifying strollers,” Olivier said friends beckoned him to Saint-Denis and that his flat was the first he looked at. Long ago converted to living quarters, the apartment was last occupied by someone in the theater business who…


Remodelista Reconnaissance: The Endless Appeal of Silver-Tipped Lightbulbs

Leave it to Copenhagen It couple Frederik Bille Brahe (chef) and Caroline Brasch Nielsen (model/designer) to remind us that a silver-tipped lightbulb can transform an otherwise ho-hum fixture into a design detail worth emulating. (For evidence, see this week’s A Family Kitchen in Copenhagen with Uncommon Style.)It’s the kind of easy swap we’ve long admired. But where to source such a silvery bulb? Read on.The Sighting(s)Above: Our reminder of the enigmatic appeal of chrome-tipped bulbs came from Frederik and Caroline’s kitchen, where they’re paired with simple white sconces (and some creative work with the electrical cord). Photograph courtesy of Reform…


“Take a Walk to My House”: A New Paint Collection from Atelier Ellis

New Zealand-born, UK-based designer Cassandra Ellis always seems to toe the line between design and something more. She described the land around one project as “like walking through a sonnet”. About another space—Kettle’s Yard in Cambridge—she wrote, “The magic is that it isn’t officially interior decorated; it is instead a long and rambling poem revealing someone’s life.” With her touch, rooms can feel, themselves, like verses.Ellis has as much a way with color as she does with words, so it’s no surprise we are taken by her newest paint collection: the cheerily named Waving & Smiling, just released from her…


Beautiful and Useful: A Creative Couple’s ‘Beautility’ Room

Having recently taken a tour of Seb and Brogan Cox’s handsome, handmade kitchen in the coastal town of Margate, we were naturally keen to see how they’ve transformed the adjoining utility room, which Brogan has cannily rebranded the “beautility room.”Above: The light-filled room is sparsely furnished with a bench from Seb’s Underwood collection, made from hand-coppiced Kentish hazel and ash.“Looking back at the images, I’m reminded of how much structural work we actually did in that small space,” says Brogan. Seb opened up what was a “sad, pokey little window”, creating a floor-to-ceiling aperture that overlooks the garden. While removing…


Steal This Look: A Swiss-Inspired Kitchen in England

On a farm in the Cotswolds, the owners renovated three abandoned cottages with the intent to preserve original charm while infusing them with modern finishes and Swiss-inspired details. In the Whitehall House, available for rent, the spare kitchen maintains a country feel while being paired with industrial accents. Here we list the key sources that make up the look.Above: The kitchen design is the Sebastian Cox Kitchen by deVOL, made with color-tinted wood and cutout pulls. Photograph by Marina Denisova, courtesy of Cotswold Farm Hideaway.MaterialsAbove: The backsplash tiles are the Bert & May Anthropologie Blue Tile; £8.82 each.AppliancesAbove: For a similar style of…


Current Obsessions: Sustainable Style

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