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15 Favorites: Black Kitchen Backsplashes

Ten years ago black kitchen backsplashes were hard to come by, but lately we tend to run into them over and over again (and we covet the look). Here are 15 kitchen backdrops that have gone to the dark side. Do you dare add black to your kitchen? Above: Blogger Nina Holst of Stylizimo made the backsplash herself using hardware-store birch plywood that she stained black. See Kitchen Upgrade: The Low-Cost DIY Black Backsplash. Above: A backsplash made of glossy black tile from Kitchen of the Week: A Study in Black by Designer Nicole Hollis. Above: Designer C.S. Valentin created a chalkboard…


Lundies House: A Historical Manse Converted Into a Hygge-Ready Scandi-Scot Guesthouse

Wildland Limited was founded in 2007 by Danish conservationist and businessman Anders Holch Povlsen and his wife, Anne, to help protect the rugged beauty of the Scottish Highlands. Since then, they’ve scooped up breathtaking property after property, methodically restoring and converting each of the 12 estates in their portfolio into guesthouses for visitors who like to spend days exploring the outdoors and nights enjoying refined accommodations. (As the custodians of some 220,000 acres, they are now Scotland’s biggest private landowners, according to the BBC.) Of the dozen properties they own, half have been restored so far, including Lundies House, their…


Expert Advice: Halloween Decor Tips from a Master of the Dark Arts

Our go-to Master of the Dark Arts when it comes to Halloween? That would be Claudia Schwartz—proprietor of San Francisco’s Bell’occhio—a sought-after SF stylist and shop owner who counts Martha Stewart among her fans. Claudia is a lover of the offbeat, and her last-century style (the way she spells Hallowe’en, for instance) has us inspired. Read on for her advice on creating a spooky yet soulful Halloween party; mastermix included. Photography by Tom Kubik for Remodelista. Above: Claudia in a dress and a shrug from Pip-Squeak Chapeau, in Brooklyn. Her usual daily uniform is a vintage hemp work dress, but here…


Kitchen of the Week: Dark and Moody Kitchens from Pitt in the Netherlands

We recently discovered the Pitt cooking system from the Netherlands, an interesting option for the home cook. “Because the burners are directly integrated into your countertop,” they say, “and the technical parts are hidden below the countertop, you can determine the placement of the burners.” In the US, the system is available via AJ Madison. Here’s a look at some projects from their portfolio: Above: A kitchen by Key Cucine with a a black marble countertop and inset burners from Pitt. Above: A detail of the inset burners. Above: A noirish kitchen from Pitt’s portfolio. Above: Pitt burners in a…


Little Luxuries: Floor Warming | 2019 Idea House

Warming Up the TOH 2019 Idea HouseGut renovations offer the opportunity to rebuild smarter and more efficiently. Here at the Idea House, we wanted to create comfort zones in key areas, and didn’t want to risk cracking or compromising the tiled surface.DITRA-HEAT directly incorporates uncoupling technology with electric floor warming. (What is uncoupling? We’re glad you asked. An uncoupling membrane is installed between the subfloor and the tile, and is designed to absorb any substrate movement, eliminating the major cause of cracking and delaminating of the tile surface.) Available in rolls or sheets to accommodate various room sizes, DITRA-HEAT uncoupling…


Top 20 Best New Home Products | Home Tech

Top 20 Best New Home Products | Home Tech 6 × 5. SUREFEED MICROCHIP PET FEEDER CONNECT 5. SUREFEED MICROCHIP PET FEEDER CONNECT Sure PetcareTrack and manage your cat’s eating habits with this latest addition to the expanding ecosystem of Sure Petcare products—like the SureFlap cat door—that only activate for the cat with the correct microchip.$253 (including required hub); Sure Petcare 7 × 6. SYMFONISK TABLE LAMP 6. SYMFONISK TABLE LAMP IKEAKeep an eye on IKEA’s growing, well-priced smart home offerings, like this table lamp that doubles as a Sonos Wi-Fi speaker.$179; IKEA 8 × 7. CIRCLE 2 WITH HOMEKIT…

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