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Shopper’s Diary: A Resale Marketplace for Unused Residential Construction Goods

Just about every remodeling project ends up with perfectly good leftovers: extra tiles and doorknobs, the light fixture deemed wrong for the room, the unused kitchen faucet, the medicine cabinet that never found a home. Unbuilt, a new construction salvage business based in Los Angeles, is devoted to consigning and reselling these perfectly good goods.LA contractor/builder Joan Barton of Dirty Girl Construction has been happily sending her surplus to Unbuilt in recent months and tipped us off about the company. It’s the brainchild of Sara Noyes, who was distressed by the surplus she experienced firsthand as a designer and project…


The Ultimate Summer Maintenance Checklist

This article appeared in the Summer 2022 issue of This Old House Magazine. Click here to learn how to subscribe. From pest control to deck maintenance, follow these simple tips to keep your home and its yard up to par this summer. Summer Maintenance Checklist for Your Home Lubricate and clean metal storms Whenever you clean aluminum storm windows, give their metal frames extra attention—especially if they’re old and oxidized—to ensure they slide freely. Remove the storms, and vacuum the tracks and around the sill. Then lightly coat the tracks and spring-loaded locking tabs with a silicone lubricant spray such…


“Beauty Is Eternal”: Colorful Ceramic Vessels by Two London Creatives (and Friends)

Freya Bramble-Carter is a London-based ceramicist and teacher (with a Fine Art degree from Chelsea College of Art and a famous lineage: her father is the ceramicist Chris Bramble). Elsewhere in London, Pallas Kalamotusis is the Greece-born interior designer (and former curator and writer) behind Studio Krokalia.Together, though, are Pallas and Freya, makers of colorful, one-off ceramic pieces. It all began when Pallas took one of Freya’s ceramics classes and the two became friends; now they create hand-painted forms for the likes of The New Craftsmen and 8 Holland Street. Each one is ephemeral, often fleeting in its availability, and…


Prime Day is Here: Shop Our Favorite Deals on Home Products

A clean, functional, and beautiful home is something worth celebrating. While this takes a lot of work, having the right products within your living space can help. With steep discounts available via Prime Day, it’s worth checking out what you may need for your home. To help you find the best products this Prime Day, the This Old House Reviews put together our top picks for your garage, kitchen, yard, and other living areas. The products included in this article are available at various retail stores, local home centers, and online retailers like Amazon. https://www.thisoldhouse.com/shop-prime-day


Reighton Road in London: A Calm, Contemporary Revival of a Victorian Apartment

As a property developer, UK-based Pete Monaghan specializes in taking tired old houses—the unloved and the unlovely—and giving them a bold contemporary refresh, while celebrating every precious piece of their original character that remains. His own East London home, which he shares with his partner, Cherish Perez de Tagle, a film and television producer, is very much a case in point.When the couple first viewed the space, back in 2017, “it was basically a case study on damp–every kind of damp and mold and really badly configured,” Pete says. But it helped that they both loved the area—“It has fantastic…


High/Low: Bright Enameled Pitchers with Wrapped Handles

One good pitcher, it seems, leads to another. A few weeks ago, just after we featured architect Ben Allen’s ode to vintage Dansk, the Scandinavian design company, newly owned by Food52, reissued the very Jens Quistgaard 1956 pitchers on display.Not surprisingly, the Dansk reissues, with their signature wrapped handles, immediately sold out. But we’re happy to report that we’ve just discovered another surprise source, undeniably Dansk inspired and at a good price.HighAbove: Architect Ben Allen’s prominently displays his collection of Dansk enamelware in his London kitchen: see A Colorful Kitchen in a London High-Rise. Photograph by French + Tye, courtesy…

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