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In February, TOH TV producers' thoughts turn to the next big project, knowing that the crew needs to start work now in order to finish a big renovation project and film the work in time for a September season debut.Indeed, Season 41—which will begin airing in the fall of 2019—has just gotten under way. The first step is complete: finding the project. It's a 1940s ranch-style house in southern Rhode Island, located just half a mile from the beach. Wish-list items for the homeowners—a couple with two young kids—include additions that will give them room for their growing family while…


Watch It Again: Ask This Old House

Grab a mug of hot chocolate and tune in to Ask TOH, Season 14, Episode 10, “Winter-Weather Special.”With the Ask This Old House team all based in New England, there is plenty of accumulated knowledge about dealing with the house-related issues that come with frosty temperatures. One big issue is ice dams, large blocks of ice that form along the edge of the roof. “Roof shingles are meant to shed water down, but an ice dam will force the water up under the shingles and create a leak in the roof,” says Tom Silva, who has seen people attack ice…


Generation NEXT update

Want to keep the Generation NEXT initiative going strong? Help us spread the word about the Generation NEXT Casting Call!Turns out that’s how Brookline apprentice Carly Comitino found out about last year’s casting call—a friend of her family mentioned it to her, knowing that she had an interest in the building trades. So if you know someone who might be a good candidate, encourage him or her to submit some basic information and a self-produced video that tells about their interest in a career in the trades. Two people will win a paid apprenticeship to work alongside the TOH TV…


Bathroom of the Week: An Artist-Made Mosaic Tile Floor, Start to Finish

When our friend photographer Aya Brackett and her family moved into a house just across a shared courtyard from their former place in Oakland, California, they gained more space. But they found themselves missing one detail in particular: the handmade tile floor in their bathroom, an existing feature that had sold them on the house in the first place. Fortunately, they knew how to track down its creator, Sarah Myers—and understood it was a project worth the time, effort (overall bathroom touch-up included), and expense, to do right. And so Myers was summoned and the many-months project got under way. A West Marin, California, artist…


Sneak Peek: Brookline floating fireplace

To keep things toasty in cold New England weather, the Brookline homeowners wanted a fireplace—but one that would complement the open-plan layout and expanses of glass in their mid-century modern house.Solution: an artisan-crafted, black-steel Paxfocus fireplace that creates an iconic modern look and is seemingly suspended in midair. To work the magic, the TOH team had to prepare the living room wall with special framing materials—partly for fire code and partly to handle the weight of the 200-pound bell-shaped fireplace, which would be attached to a wall bracket 20 inches above floor level. Contractor Charlie Silva’s crew had built the…


Behind the Scenes: Jamestown mudroom

With winter boots, coats, and hats strewn all over the house at this time of year, many homeowners dream of an organized mudroom. Don and Dana Powers created one in their Jamestown Net-Zero house, using the same flat-panel, Shaker-style quartersawn oak cabinets that fill the kitchen—at least, the oak cabinets were the starting point.They then customized to create cubbies, shelves, drawers, and hooks to optimize every square foot of the 9-by-14-foot space, turning a narrow corridor that runs from the back door to the powder room into a super-functional area. Another plus: The mudroom is totally hidden from view once the…

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