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The Germantown Laundromat: An Eco-Minded Gathering Spot in the Hudson Valley, Mending Services Included

Our friend Starr Hout of cult fashion label Apiece Apart recently clued us in to the newly opened Germantown Laundromat, a solar- and wind-powered laundromat that encourages patrons to fill glass jars with bulk soap and commit to decreasing their energy footprint. As founder Tracy Martin says, “We must choose to start making small adjustments in our everyday lives. Turns out there is a lot to be optimistic, even excited about! With our laundromat and shop, we will explore what is happening to our planet right now, and how we can work harder to take care of her.” Here’s a look: Photography by…


Ask This Old House Cast Teaches Jimmy Fallon How to Survive Winter at Home

Ask This Old House Cast Teaches Jimmy Fallon How to Survive Winter at Home 1 × Kevin and Jimmy Fallon Kevin and Jimmy Fallon Courtesy of The Tonight Show Kevin O'Connor shows Jimmy Fallon how to keep up with an indoor herb and vegetable garden during the winter months.  2 × Richard Trethewey and Jimmy Fallon Richard Trethewey and Jimmy Fallon Courtesy of The Tonight Show TOH Heating and Cooling expert Richard Trethewey shows Jimmy there's no need to worry about frozen pipes during the winter when you use RSC-900-AW Automatic Water Shutoff System from Reliance Detection Technologies. The wireless automatic water shutoff device uses a…


Roger Cook Steps Away From This Old House; Jenn Nawada Named Landscape Contractor

Jan. 13, 2020Statement from This Old House CEO, Dan Suratt: “For over 35 years, Roger Cook has provided expert landscaping and gardening advice to millions upon millions of viewers. But perhaps more importantly, he has displayed a sense of humor and warmth while going about his craft. As he stepped back from This Old House and Ask This Old House the last few seasons, Roger has maintained that grace and good-natured attitude, and endeared himself even more to his fans. He also continued to welcome landscaper Jenn Nawada into This Old House family as they worked alongside each other and she became a regular fixture…


The Canadian Ikea: Good-Looking, Neutral Rugs from EQ3

For months—coming up on 12, to be exact—I’ve been searching for a good-looking area rug for our bedroom that’s neutral (so I won’t get tired of it) but not boring. It’s surprisingly hard to find. Until, that is, a neighbor from the north arrived: EQ3, what I’d venture to call the Canadian Ikea, which opened a three-level flagship in Manhattan’s Chelsea neighborhood this fall. Among pretty well-priced midcentury furniture and lighting, their rugs are all neutral with a twist:s sure to fit in any room, without sacrificing on the intriguing factor. Take a look—many of them are currently on sale.…


An Antique Stone House Revived, from John and Juli Baker of Mjolk in Toronto

John and Juli Baker, the couple behind Mjolk in Toronto, have a refined, specific take on design, centered on a mix of Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics. The two of them curate what we consider to be one of the best design shops anywhere (proof: it’s where Julianne Moore found her flatware a few years back). When we launched Remodelista in the aughts, we communed with John and Juli online, and when I was in Toronto a few years ago, I stopped by to take a tour of their apartment above their shop (see A Scandinavian-Inspired Kitchen with Hints of Japan). So…


Little Pink House: A Creative Couple’s Classic-with-a-Twist Home in Denmark

Most people, it seems, move from city to country, in search of quiet, more space, more nature. But not long ago, Jesper and Vibeke Panduro did a reverse commute, so to speak, moving from the Danish countryside to a trim, salmon-colored house in the harbor city of Aalborg. They renovated the 1928 house with their trademark eye, leaving as much original detailing as possible (molded ceilings, marble windowsills), adding washes of pastel to the walls, and filling the rooms, sparingly, with standout Scandinavian designs. The results are some of the freshest-looking, unexpected interiors we’ve seen: no surprise; this is the…

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