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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide | Red-Hot Countertop Appliances

Valentine's Day Gift Guide | Red-Hot Countertop Appliances 1 × Breville The Barista Express Coffee Machine Breville The Barista Express Coffee Machine PHOTO: AMAZON Keep your sweetheart energized with fresh bean-to-cup espresso. This brushed Stainless Steel machine adjusts water temperature automatically after steam for optimal espresso extraction. About $579.90; Amazon 2 × Crock-Pot Cook & Carry Portable Slow Cooker Crock-Pot Cook & Carry Portable Slow Cooker PHOTO: AMAZON Nothing says "I love you" quite like a slow-cooker beef stew. This 6-quart model is perfect for potlucks, tailgating, or romantic picnics in front of a cozy firepalce. About $24; Amazon 3 × KitchenAid…


10 Things Nobody Tells You About Zellige, the Trendiest Tile of 2019

You might not know the name (yet), but you’ve seen them: zellige tile (also known as Moroccan tiles, zellige terracotta tiles, and zilij) is are the trendiest tile of 2019. We’ve seen it pop up everywhere we look the past few weeks and months, from a villa in France to a trendy house in Hudson to a cottage on Cape Cod. Its appeal? A handmade, slightly imperfect charm, very different from perfect and easily produceable subway tile. If you’re thinking about installing the tile of the moment in your house, there are a few things you should know—from how to tell if…


Japonesque by Way of France: B-Raku Ceramics in Brittany

Not long ago we posted on Otonali, a Breton-style creperie in Brittany, designed by Guillaume Terver of Paris-based studio Le LAD. Today we’re taking a look at the adjoining B-Raku ceramics studio. The Japanese term raku describes a technique for the production of ceramic objects at low temperature, from 800 to 950° C. Each piece is baked a first time, then is coated with a second coat of enamel before being subjected to a second baking. During the second firing, the applied coating melts to create very special colors and effects. The technique has its origins in 16th century Japan and owes its name,…


Steal This Look: Ensuite Bath Alcove in a London Renovation

The latest project from London designers du jour Zoe Chan Eayrs and Merlin Eayrs is a six-floor townhouse on a corner lot in London’s Spitalfields called the Weavers House. While the project is a gut remodel, the Eayrs were sympathetic to the building’s history looking to its former residents, the Huguenots (French Protestants) for inspiration. So with layers of lime plaster and limed oak paneling, references to traditional Huguenots houses were built up and combined with the soft modern details the Eayrs are known for. In the ensuite bath, built into the upstairs alcove, creates a spa-like space in an…


Bathroom Before and After: Small Change, Big Impact

Bathroom Before and After: Small Change, Big Impact 8 × Disappearing Shower Door Disappearing Shower Door Photo by Laura Moss A frameless-glass door and shower enclosure practically disappears, increasing the feeling of spaciousness in the room.Showerhead: Kohler https://www.thisoldhouse.com/ideas/bathroom-and-after-small-change-big-impact


Villa Castelluccio in Puglia, a Newly Restored Masseria from Andrew Trotter

illa Castelluccio uses local materials, traditional building methods and details from the local architecture, resulting in a 3 bedroom 3 bathroom house that fits perfectly within the olive trees, a real Italian vernacular. A modern edge has been given to this 1920’s countryside villa, yet keeping a rustic feel, light an airy. Bespoke kitchen tops and bathroom sinks were made from concrete, and a fireplace was added to the back room. A new outdoor kitchen and seating areas were designed to take full advantage of the great weather and rural setting, with a long wall alongside the pool, to give…

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