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Kitchen of the Week: Hudson Valley Farmhouse Kitchen Reborn

A while back we dropped in on artist Dunja Von Stoddard’s 1880s farmhouse in Rhinebeck, New York, and especially admired the kitchen. Dunja recently tweaked the space, so on a trip to the Hudson Valley, I stopped by to take another look. The kitchen may appear to be historic (exposed beams, wide-plank floors, soapstone counters), but it’s the result of an extensive and painstaking restoration. When Dunja purchased the home, most of its the historic charm had been obscured by some ill-conceived Reagan-era edits. “My mother and my realtor thought I was crazy to buy it,” Dunja admitted. With red faux-terracotta…


10 Easy Pieces: Keypad Leversets

There a dozen reasons why a keyless door lock is useful. For starters: lost keys. But it’s also helpful when keys are accidentally locked inside, forgotten, at the bottom of a bag, or annoyingly tucked into your sock or shoe while on a neighborhood run (never again). There’s also the issue of copied and shared keys: most keypad leversets have the option of programming multiple codes for kids, family, and select friends, neighbors, dog walkers, delivery drivers, and special codes for emergency scenarios. It should be noted that a simple keypad leverset, as opposed to a smart lock, is free from…


The Inn at Kenmore Hall: A Stately New Bed & Breakfast in the Berkshires

I think almost anyone with an interest in home design has daydreamed at one point or another of opening up a bed and breakfast. But as soon as the fantasy turns into a serious brainstorm, most wake up from the reverie and file the plans under “pipe dreams.” Unless you’re Frank Muytjens and Edward Scott Cole, that is. Not long after Frank left his job as head of menswear at J.Crew in April 2017, the couple moved to the Berkshires and began to entertain the idea of becoming innkeepers. Before they knew it, they had bought a historic Georgian-Federalist home,…


Shaker, Reincarnated: A Young Furniture Maker in Midcoast Maine

Move over, Thomas Moser: Meet the young female furniture maker revitalizing the tired furniture scene on the coast of Maine. From her house and studio “in a small, wooded homestead” in Rockport, Heide Martin—who started her career in landscape architecture and urban planning before moving to Maine and training at a furniture school—builds simple, hard-wood furniture that draws on a long tradition of New England sensibility. Here’s a look at her Shaker-like designs. Above: Martin designs and builds all of the furniture herself in Rockport, Maine. Shown here: the Shaker-influenced Splint Peg Cabinet, which hangs from a Shaker peg rail.…


Shipshape and Refreshed: A Considered Renovation of an 1898 Cabin on Maury Island

Maury Island, in Washington’s Puget Sound, is small. You’ve likely never heard of it before, but you may have heard of its larger neighbor, Vashon Island, to which it’s connected via an isthmus built by local homeowners in 1913. (Before then, the two islands were linked only during low tide.) Both are accessible only by ferry, the inconvenience of which has kept commercial growth at bay—and that’s how its residents like it, including designer Tim Pfeiffer (of Seattle-based architecture and interiors firm Hoedemaker Pfeiffer) and his partner, Matt Carvalho. The two had been searching for a vacation home on the…


Expert Advice: How to Choose Paint Like a Pro

The last time I chose a paint color I was twelve. It’s a story that might sound familiar: After much campaigning, my parents let me paint a wall of my bedroom in a color of my choosing (so long as it was light enough to paint over eventually). As this story often goes, I picked a color I liked—a sunny yellow—and spent an afternoon rolling it on, slap-dash, with a friend. What I failed to consider is that liking a color and choosing a paint color for a room are two entirely different things. The yellow was almost completely absorbed…

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