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La Vie en Rose: Inside a Costumier’s Dreamlike, DIY Maison in France

How would a French costumier style her own stately country house? With quiet, rosy hues, cinematic hints of silver, and linens she sews herself. For months we’ve been following French stylist and costumier Céline Sathal on Instagram as she slowly and with care restores a traditional hôtel particulier in a tiny village outside of Tolouse. Sathal, who works as a costume designer for the French theater, opera, and cinema, found the 1870s house on Le Bon Coin, the French equivalent of Craiglist (“where you can find little spoons and big houses,” she says). The house, formerly inhabited by a notary’s office, is situated…


40 Years of Kitchen and Bath Remodel Trends

If the kitchen were a menu item, we’d call it comfort food, as familiar as mac ’n’ cheese. Might have something to do with memories of hanging out after school as Mom made dinner, and trying to score some milk and cookies. Today, even as kitchens get bigger and fancier, they remain the No. 1 destination for the whole family, pets included. Where else can you find cold drinks, lively conversation, and maybe even your keys and cell phone?Over time, kitchen design has blurred the line between cooking and living areas, borrowing finishes and furnishings from entertaining spaces in the…


Inspired by Absence: Art and Old-World Architecture at Hotel Palazzo Daniele in Italy

The most striking interiors I’ve seen this summer? They’re at the very tip of Italy’s heel, in the town of Gagliano del Capo, in a 150-year-old villa-turned-hotel woven through with courtyards and groves of orange trees. The property was built in 1861 by architect Domenico Malinconico and had been in the family of avid art collector Francesco Petrucci for five generations; deciding what to do with it, he partnered with Gabriele Salini, the hotelier behind one of Italy’s most singular hotels, G-Rough in Rome; then the designers Ludovico and Roberto Paloma of Palomba Serafina Associati. “Inspired by the idea of absence,”…


Kitchen of the Week: Two Young Paris Architects Completely Redo Their Kitchen for Under $4,300

It’s been a heady few years for architect couple Hélène Pinaud and Julien Schwartzmann. The two, both 27, met as students at the Strasbourg National School of Architecture. After graduation in 2014, they moved to Paris and launched their firm, Heju, an abbreviation of their first names. They hit the ground running, designing apartments, boutiques, events, and a slew of clever DIYs: see, for instance, their Homemade Terrazzo Table, Metal Wall Organizer, and Tiled Plywood Side Table-Plant Stand with colored grout. All the while, they’ve been living and working out of their own small apartment, a 538-square-foot garret near Place…


Menorca Experimental: Summer is Just Getting Going at this Chic New Resort

For the many of us with late-August blues: summer has barely begun at Menorca Experimental, a resort designed by Remodelista favorite Dorothée Meilichzon of Paris studio Chzon that officially just debuted. Set on a former finca, or agricultural estate, on the Spanish island of Menorca, the appealingly low-key alternative to neighboring Mallorca and Ibiza, the hotel was created from a Palladian-style, cliff-top house and cluster of whitewashed farm villas. All were reconceived by Meilichzon as a dream agroturismo retreat: the sort of place Picasso, Miro, and cronies would go to live it up in the sun. The results are both grand…


Richard Trethewey’s Cutaways

Richard Trethewey’s Cutaways 1 × It’s What’s Inside That Counts It’s What’s Inside That Counts Photo by Carlene Riling If plumbing is a mystery to you, you’re not alone. “Many people have no idea how water gets to their building, how wastewater leaves, or how their house is heated or cooled,” says This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey. “So my role in the past forty years has been to demystify that technical world. And it is almost impossible without a cutaway. I am the great bisector.” Wielding band saws, rotary tools, hacksaws, and more, Richard has cut…

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