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Remodelista Reconnaissance: Hand-Painted Plates that Evoke the Sea

Last week we were rather entranced by the nostalgic summer feel of Rosamar, a new restaurant in Lisbon (see A Seafood Restaurant in Lisbon with Retro Seaside Style.) Of particular interest? The ceramics on the wall, painted with marine motifs.The SightingAbove: Sea-themed ceramics hang on the wall upstairs at Rosamar. Photograph by Francisco Noguiera, courtesy of Studio Pim, via Rosamar: A Seafood Restaurant in Lisbon with Retro Seaside Style.The SourceAbove: Where to source something similar? Among our favorites is the Fish on Tour Platter by Malaika, hand-crafted in the Egyptian village of Tunis by master potter Mohamed Mahmoud, is $150…


The Outermost House: A Norwegian Island Retreat

Designed way back in 2012 by Kolman Boye architects, Summerhouse Nauste is set in the unspoiled seaside landscape of Vega in the Norwegian archipelago, not far from the polar circle. The private residence features expansive windows facing three directions: ocean, mountains, and the moss-covered, rocky terrain. A natural ravine of sea-sand from the shore provides access to the house. The home is built from linseed-oil-treated pine with untreated birch skirting, frames, and reveals. From the exterior, the wood siding mirrors the muted tones of the surrounding landscape. The airy, open-plan interiors are whitewashed, and the furniture, chosen by the resident, includes Scandinavian…


Design Your Dream Dining Room

Ideally, the dining room is where you gather with loved ones to cherish a meal, with conversations lasting for hours and everyone laughing, debating, and making memories. However, in some homes, the dining room is seldom used. Daily meals happen elsewhere, while the dining room is reserved for special occasions. And sometimes, this results in an unused space that becomes a landing place for clutter. If this sounds all too familiar, it's time to breathe new life into your dining room with an inviting upgrade that makes you want to use it every day. How to Design a Dining Room…


All About Bathroom Showers

Utilitarian as it might be, the bathroom shower is also a personal refuge, a place to get energized for a busy day or banish stress at the end of one. Plus, all of us use our showers differently: The parents of young children have different needs than older folks or those with mobility issues. Fortunately, there have never been more options regarding shower shapes, sizes, and systems. Anyone planning a bathroom redo or addition has plenty to ponder when it comes to the shower. Start here to get ideas about the various components and amenities you can combine to create…


Remodeling 101: The Case for Small Appliances

Bigger, as we are often reminded here at Remodelista, is not always better. And if you live in a small apartment or just have a tight kitchen, that’s particularly true: Too-wide refrigerator doors will bang into the counter opposite, and a too-big range will take up precious counter space.Enter compact appliances, specially designed and scaled to fit apartments and other petite spaces—or even to add an appliance where there was none (like a petite, but no less powerful, dishwasher drawer). Appliances Connection, the one-stop online purveyor of appliances and fixtures, carries more than 300 brands and has a wide array…


Summer Settings: Classic Woven Placemats for the Effortless Table

These natural-fiber placemats conjure, for me, the frisbee-shaped woven discs we’d pop paper plates into to class up a cookout when I was a kid. But these handwoven versions, from Hawkins New York, are an elevated take: summer ease meets just the right amount of retro. They’re best paired with good plates, not paper, and casual-cool gatherings.Above: The Handwoven Placemat ($12) is created by brand Itza Wood in Guatemala; $12 each from Hawkins New York.Above: And the subtly tasseled Woven Placemat is made in Morocco; $14 each from Hawkins New York.In pursuit of more summery objects for the tabletop? Might…

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