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Artist Residence: Patricia Larsen Used Salvaged Materials to Reinvent Her Mexican Casa

Artist Patricia Larsen picks up and moves just about every six years. “I have a really restless spirit and I’m quite fearless,” she tells us. Plus, she likes a project.When we last caught up with Patricia exactly a decade ago, she had recently relocated to Baja, Mexico, from Vancouver BC, where she raised her daughters, Janaki and Klee Larsen. The two are also artists and, like their mother, among the most inventive interior stylists we know (scroll to the end for Larsen family inspiration).Mexico suits Patricia: she loves the people, the plants, the roving dogs, and the year-round growing season.…


Current Obsessions: Shopkeeper Season

Current Obsessions: Shopkeeper Season - Remodelista Icon - Arrow LeftAn icon we use to indicate a rightwards action.Icon - Arrow RightAn icon we use to indicate a leftwards action.Icon - External LinkAn icon we use to indicate a button link is external.Icon - MessageThe icon we use to represent an email action.Icon - Down ChevronUsed to indicate a dropdown.Icon - CloseUsed to indicate a close action.Icon - Dropdown ArrowUsed to indicate a dropdown.Icon - Location PinUsed to showcase a location on a map.Icon - Zoom OutUsed to indicate a zoom out action on a map.Icon - Zoom InUsed to indicate…


Remodelista Reconnaissance: Velvet Pillows in an On-Trend Shade of Rust

Maybe it’s Sherwin-Williams’ recently announced Color of the Year (Redend Point, a dusty terra cotta), maybe it’s the official turn to fall, but this week we’ve had rusty hues in mind. When we spied a pair of velvet pillows in Kitchen of the Week: Life’s Daily Details Celebrated in an Architect-Designed Kitchen in just such a brick hue, we were inspired to find a source.The SightingAbove: In the kitchen of a brownstone in Brooklyn’s Clinton Hill, redone by Architects Andrea Fisk and Jess Thomas of Shapeless Studio, the pillows are a low-stakes way to add color to a breakfast nook.…


Color and Quiet: An 1700s House in Patmos, Greece, Restored by Studio Krokalia

We first came upon the work of Pallas Kalamotusis through the brightly hand-painted vessels she makes with London-based ceramicist Freya Bramble-Carter. The two are collaborators, and friends; Freya does the pot-throwing, Pallas the painting, adorning each candlestick and vase with colorful motifs, and their mostly one-of-a-kind Pallas and Freya pieces are in limited supply and high demand. (For our feature on the duo, see “Beauty Is Eternal”: Colorful Ceramic Vessels by Two London Creatives.)In the rest of her time, however, Pallas is the interior designer behind Studio Krokalia (“based in London, bred in Greece,” she writes on her site), and…


Build It | Rough Sawn Headboard

Project details Skill 3 out of 5 Moderate Moderate Estimated Time 3-4 hours Building a Rough Sawn Headboard Paint a large sheet of birch plywood black to hide the gaps of the rough boards. Cut the plywood to rough size using the track saw. Secure the plywood to the back of some 2x4s with wood glue and framing screws to stiffen out the plywood. Lay out the rough-sawn boards on top of the plywood. Cut any overhanging pieces with the miter saw and reuse them in the next course, depending on their length. Be sure the joints of the boards…


Object of Desire: Hand-Blown Glassware in Amber Hues

The spark for Hudson Wilder came from a vintage Danish dinnerware set found at an estate sale in upstate New York. Now, they apply an ethos of “affordable simplicity” to all of their tableware offerings, including their hand-blown glassware, now available in covetable shades of autumnal amber.Take a look:Above: “Each glass is individually handblown from exceptionally strong, borosilicate glass (Pyrex) that’s more durable than traditional glass and resistant to thermal shock,” according to Hudson Wilder. “You can use the glasses for both warm and cold liquids without any risk of shattering.” Shown is the Aita Short Glass in Amber ($43…

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