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WD-40 Best Practices

DO USE IT TO:Loosen up…rusted tools, blades, and nuts and bolts; corroded aluminum; stuck zippers. Remove…crayon marks; stuck-on gum and tar; sticker and tape residue; scuff marks on tile. Add a nonstick coating to...metal snow-thrower chutes and snow-shovel blades; hoes and other digging tools used in sticky clay soil.  DON’T USE IT TO: LUBE A LOCK. After WD-40’s solvents evaporate, the oils left behind can attract dust and become sticky as they oxidize, eventually gumming up a typical lock cylinder.Instead: Locksmith Tom Lynch recommends a silicone-free, dry-film lubricant such as Poxylube CP-200 ($15 for a 4.5-oz. can; Taylor Security &…


Inspired Objects: 9 Classic Design Gifts from The Glass House Design Store

Above: Champagne Bowls (from $135), shown here in a stack, are made in Vienna by the famous Augarten Wein porcelain factory and are designed to be the perfect shape for serving Champagne. A 24-carat polished gold lining adds suitable elegance (and keeps the Champagne cool, too). Above: Made of aluminum, the Kaymet Pressed Tray with Dot Grips (from $110, shown in brushed gold, and also available in pewter) dates to 1960 by iconic London manufacturer Kaymet. They combine lightweight usability with a luxe finish-and are also a nod to Johnson’s ties to aluminum: His father’s stock in Alcoa, the aluminum…


Leaf Mold is Gold

Leaf mold—a type of organic matter, not a fungus—is what you get when leaves are partially or completely decomposed. You use it like compost, says University of Connecticut soil scientist Dawn Pettinelli, but it’s a lot less work, and you don’t need to worry about food scraps attracting critters. Just rake leaves into a corner of your yard—ideally where wind won’t undo your work—and leave them be. “Add to your pile every fall,” Pettinelli says. “After a year or so, you can remove leaf mold from the bottom every spring.”Can’t wait? “If you want leaf mold for next spring, aim…


10 Gifts for Pet Lovers

1 × 1. Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect 1. Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder Connect Know someone with multiple pets in their household? Stop pets from eating each other’s food with this sealed bowl that food fresher and free of flies. As a pet approaches the feeder, it recognizes their microchip or RFID collar tag, only opening for them. It’s also recommended for pets on weight management diets.$170 | Available on Amazon 2 × 2. SUREswivel 360-degree Swiveling Pet Tie-Out 2. SUREswivel 360-degree Swiveling Pet Tie-Out Not everyone has a fenced-in yard for their dog, but now every dog can roam…


Fall MVP | Metal Fan Rake

Shown: A spreader bar maintains the ideal 1-inch spacing between tines.  Specs to check TINES  Powder-coated spring-steel tines are almost impossible to kink. And because these run from side to side, in one-piece sets of six, they can’t fall out. SPRING ACTION  A coil spring stiffens the head, absorbs the bending stresses and shock loads on the tines, and helps flick debris away when tension is released. HANDLE  This pro-quality rake has a fiberglass shaft, which is lighter and stronger than wood, can’t warp, and isn’t affected by weather. Hence the lifetime warranty. What it’s best for A metal fan…


Copenhagen Clubhouse The Audo: A New Creative Hub with Guest Rooms Under the Rafters

Set in a shipping merchant’s quarters in Copenhagen’s waterfront district, The Audo is an ambitious new multi-use gathering place. It was dreamed up by the founder of furniture company Menu, Bjarne Hansen, to serve as the brand’s new headquarters, and also to showcase its designs put to use—in a concept store, restaurant and cafe, co-working space, gathering place, and hotel. Currently celebrating its 40th year, Menu teamed up with frequent collaborator Norm Architects to transform the historic structure into what Hansen describes as a hybrid space that “blurs the lines between home-life and work, uniting design, business and community in…

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