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Modern Love: A Contemporary House Updated with Antiques

Having written multiple stories on Colombe Design projects, I’m by now quite familiar with founder Marta Chrapka’s talent for creating new Old World homes that are elegant, luxurious, and traditional-with-a-twist. So I was surprised to learn that this lean, modern house (no graceful moldings or grand foyers in sight) in Podkowa Lesna, a suburb of Warsaw, is also her handiwork. Upon closer inspection, though, I spied her signature touches—dramatic doors, impactful deployment of color, sculptural lighting, artful antiques, and an emphasis on craftsmanship—throughout the project, albeit tailored this time for a more modern and clean-lined aesthetic. “Sure, it posed a…


Made in Massachusetts: The Merida Collection of Modern Natural Fiber Rugs Designed by Sylvie Johnson

Several of us at Remodelista grew up in Massachusetts and remember seeing the many-windowed abandoned factory buildings in the mill town of Fall River. So we were heartened to hear that the collection of natural fiber rugs we were admiring is produced in a revived Fall River textile mill. Merida, we learned, is a company with a conscience and a mandate to celebrate craft and ingenuity. Under CEO Catherine Connolly and art director Sylvie Johnson, Merida has been creating top-of-the-line, artisanal designs made only of rapidly replenishable materials, such as wool, linen, and jute. Each is woven to order on…


How to Winterize a Pool

After a fun summer in the pool, you’ll want to make sure you “winterize” it properly before closing it up for the season. Taking these steps is a part of proper pool maintenance and will help ensure that your pool is in tip-top condition when you open it back up again. When to Start Prepping Your Pool for Winter Start the winterizing process after the season is over, when the temperature consistently dips down to 65 degrees F or lower. If you start too early, you may encounter problems with algae, which thrives in warmer temps. Give yourself a week…


Summer Studio: Understated Wood Furniture by Architect-Turned-Woodworker Jack Sasaki

At an age when most folks are digging their heels into their chosen profession or pondering retirement, Jack Sasaki, a trained architect, opted to quit his job at the company he had worked for for three decades—and begin afresh in a new field. “At age 55, I was given an opportunity to start a company where I can spend every day practicing what I really love—design and product-making. My company name, Summer Studio, expresses my state of mind. I feel that I am in the summer of my life!” he tells us. Summer Studio is his wood furniture and lighting…


Kitchen of the Week: An Expensive-Looking Remodel for Just $13,000

We often recommend Ikea’s kitchen cabinets as a solid, bang-for-the-buck option for those looking to remodel. And nowadays, there are so many offshoot companies offering cabinet front styles specifically tailored to fit Ikea’s base cabinets that, if being economical is a priority, there’s little reason not to at least start with an Ikea skeleton. (See Ikea Kitchen Upgrade: 11 Custom Cabinet Companies for the Ultimate Kitchen Hack.) Which is what we assumed this expensive-looking kitchen from architects Luke and Joanne McClelland was: a skeleton base by Ikea, upgraded with doors from another company. Turns out the whole thing is a…


How to Get Rid of Drain Flies

Home drains are a prime spot for stagnant water or bacteria to accumulate, especially if the sink or drain sits unused. If you’ve suddenly noticed an abundance of very small, moth-like creatures hanging around your sinks, showers, or bathtub, you may have drain flies. These very common pests can reproduce in just 48 hours, making it easy to find yourself with an infestation in little time. Unlike some other pest infestations, understanding how to get rid of drain flies can be quick and simple. With a little diligence, you can stop them in their tracks with basic products or pantry…

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