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An Arts and Crafts Icon Reborn in the Catskills by Jersey Ice Cream Co.

As owners of Hayfield, one of the Catskills’ most stylish wedding venues, Christiana Mavromatis and Scott Arnold know a thing or two about love. So when the couple first laid eyes on Minwawa, a grand Arts and Crafts home in Tannersville, NY, they knew it was a perfect match made in heaven. Not only was the couple attracted to the stunning views overlooking a mountain valley in Catskill State Park, they were also drawn in by the home’s sense of history, which was palpable in every nook and cranny. Designed by Canadian painter and architect George A. Reid, the house…


Steal This Look: The Instant Cocktail Party Kit

Last year, while working on our latest book, Remodelista: The Organized Home: Simple, Stylish Ideas for All Over the House, we became obsessed with kits. Travel kits, tool kits, spice kits, kitchen wrap kits, clothes care kits, cleaning kits. Show me an empty drawer and I’ll show you how to create a neatly organized group of complementary objects that will prevent you from ever asking yourself: “Where did I put that thing again?” One of our favorite kits for the kitchen is the Instant Cocktail Kit. It’s arguably the most fun to assemble, and, not surprisingly, to use. Our theory is this:…


Most-Searched Thanksgiving Prep Tips

Most-Searched Thanksgiving Prep Tips 1 × Make sure your dishwasher is in top shape Make sure your dishwasher is in top shape Photo courtesy of GE TAKE OUT THE RACKS and scrub with mild detergent. Use a toothbrush to remove any gunk on the utensil holder. If you see exposed metal or nicks in the vinyl when cleaning your dishwasher, patch with a rubber coating like Plasti Dip ReRACK ($8.99 for a 1-oz. bottle; Ace Hardware). REMOVE THE SPRAYER ARM Clean it using a cotton swab or toothpick to clear any buildup in the holes. Check the space under the arm for any food scraps.…


Top 20 Best New Home Products | Tools

Top 20 Best New Home Products | Tools 2 × 1. FLEXVOLT 60-VOLT MAX WORM-DRIVE STYLE CIRCULAR SAW 1. FLEXVOLT 60-VOLT MAX WORM-DRIVE STYLE CIRCULAR SAW DeWaltThanks to its superior ability to eject dust, this cordless, rear-handle saw, with its full-size, 7 1⁄4  inch blade, outperforms its corded, worm-drive cousins.$399 for the kit; DeWalt 3 × 2. 2-IN-1 DUAL-PURPOSE LADDER 2. 2-IN-1 DUAL-PURPOSE LADDER WernerUnfold this twin fiberglass stepladder and it becomes an extension ladder. Choose from 6-, 7-, and 8-foot models that convert to 11-, 13-, and 15-footers, respectively. They all can hold up to 300 pounds.From $186; Werner…


Technologies Transforming the Plumbing Business

Going GreenGreen living is another way technology is transforming the plumbing industry. For instance, according to Hardware Retailing, 47 percent of retailers who sell plumbing products report customers are actively seeking green products. Seeing this trend, companies like Barker and Sons Plumbing and Heating in Anaheim, California, promote energy-efficient plumbing installations such as tankless water heaters, solar water heating systems, water-saving shower heads and faucets, and low flow toilets. Mike Barker, owner of Barker and Sons Plumbing and Heating and a 35-year veteran of the plumbing industry, says the green aspects of doing business extend beyond plumbing products to include…


18th-century Saltbox Remodel

18th-century Saltbox Remodel 2 × 18th Century Saltbox 18th Century Saltbox Photo by Laura Moss Since 2013, Jaime has fearlessly finished and furnished her family’s saltbox-style farmhouse to make it, well, just the way she wants it. For Jaime and her husband, Mark, that means a bright, casual home that celebrates its age while functioning flawlessly for a 21st-century family with three active kids. Somewhat serendipitously, it has also meant a new part-time career for Jaime as a blogger. Shown: Dating to at least 1740, the Samuel Brown saltbox is one of the two oldest houses in Port Chester, NY.…

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