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Otonali, a Japanese-Inspired Restaurant in Brittany

New from French chef Bertrand Larcher, owner of the Breizh Café empire of Breton-style crêperies: Otonali, a restaurant in St.-Malo, Brittany, which combines traditional Japanese dishes with Breton ingredients and influences. Larcher opened his first crêpe restaurant in Tokyo back in 1996 and has since expanded to nine locations across Japan plus three in France: in Cancale, Paris, and St.-Malo. Though the crêperies are unabashedly in the Breton style—they use the traditional buckwheat batter and each restaurant offers a range of more than 60 ciders—they have incorporated Japanese influence over time, and in 2013 Larcher partnered with a Japanese chef to open a…


Quick and Easy Ways to Refresh Your Rooms

Fireplaces are the perfect opportunity to create a focal point. Whether you have a mantle on top, or a large hearth below, there’s plenty you can do to dress them up. If your fireplace is functional, you can keep some handsome tools and a wood stack nearby to add visual interest.  https://www.thisoldhouse.com/ideas/quick-and-easy-ways-to-refresh-your-rooms


Before and After: DIY Map-Drawer Dresser

AFTER | To hack the look of shallow map drawers, Jenni started with a simple white dresser from a big-box store. To cover the flat drawer fronts, she cut 3-inch-wide strips of  inch poplar to length and enriched them with stain she had on hand. She affixed three planks per drawer by screwing two knobs through each piece of poplar and the drawer front. Label holders and labels soaked in coffee grounds and water complete the effect.https://www.thisoldhouse.com/ideas/and-after-diy-map-drawer-dresser


Steal This Look: A Botanical Stylist’s Creative Kitchen Remodel in London

Leave it to a botanical stylist to come up with a kitchen like this one: serene and bright, with an installation of dried and living botanical displays. It’s the kitchen of Yasuyo Harvey, who got her start in London working with designer Faye Toogood. Yasuyo and her husband, Phil, remodeled the kitchen of their 1930s house in Worcester Park with the help of friend Ryuta Hirayama, who works with architects Jonathan Tuckey Design. The plans included an extension, custom maple plywood cabinetry, and white composite countertop. Here’s a list of the key elements along with sources for glassware and baskets:…


Ranch House Remodel: Lake House Legacy

As the couple worked on the house, they assumed complementary roles that would see them through not just this round of projects, but the bigger changes to come. “I’m the ideas girl, and he’s the make-it-happen guy,” Emily explains. Back in 2010, she began sharing those ideas on a blog whose followers were soon asking Emily for advice on remodeling their own homes.But just a few years later, with a second child on the way and the only open bedroom in the basement, they knew it was time to remodel again. The solution seemed obvious: Just add another story above…


Farmhouse Refresh: An Antiques Dealer’s Clean and Simple Family Retreat on Shelter Island

Pre-marriage and pre-kids, antiques dealer Jonathan Burden and costume designer JJ Joseph spent summer weekends in a group share on Shelter Island situated off the eastern tip of Long Island, New York. Both are people who gravitate to the old and untouched, so they couldn’t help but admire the scraggly farmhouse across the way.”It had fantastic old trees and the house itself was always empty,” says Jonathan. “It was clearly a gem that needed to polished and that’s what I do.” Several years later, when friends reported that the elderly owners of the farm wanted to sell, the couple expressed…

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