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Design Details at the Jamestown Net-Zero House

Design Details at the Jamestown Net-Zero House 1 × Space-Saving Sconces Space-Saving Sconces Photo by Anthony Tieuli Dana explains, “We only had space for small bedside tables, so these pivoting, wall-mounted sconces were an attractive, space-saving solution.”Pivoting Sconce: Circa LightingHardware: Switch plate and Push-button dimmers by House of Antique Hardware 2 × Hardware with a Modern Flair Hardware with a Modern Flair Photo by Anthony Tieuli Says Dana, “The choice of door hardware was a continuation of our ‘modern tradition’ theme. The knob with backplate is the traditional configuration for door hardware, but the shape of the knob itself is…


Jamestown Net-Zero House Reveal

Jamestown Net-Zero House Reveal 8 × Library Facing Laundry Library Facing Laundry Photo by Anthony Tieuli The HVAC system is another key factor in achieving net-zero, and Richard suggested an innovative variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system more common in commercial applications. “The virtue is that the system works to optimize each room’s temperature independently, so it can be heating and cooling at the same time,” he says. To contribute renewable energy, the team opted for solar panels, but rather than have a street-facing photovoltaic (PV) array on the roof of the main house, Don chose a saltbox-style post-and-beam barn kit…


Chic Decor Inspired by Patriots Team Colors

Chic Decor Inspired by Patriots Team Colors 3 × Stormy-Hued Organized Accent Wall Stormy-Hued Organized Accent Wall Photo by Courtesy of C2 Paint Everything is right where you need it in this modern home office outfitted with handsome navy-coated built-ins.Shown: C2 Paint's Espionage (C2_742) 4 × Traditional Foyer with a Navy Welcome Traditional Foyer with a Navy Welcome Photo by Courtesy of Clark+Kensington This home makes a color statement from the start with a true-blue entryway.Shown: Clark+Kensington's Classic Navy 38D-5 (walls), Subtle Gray 38A-1 (ceiling) 5 × Blue Flight of Fancy Blue Flight of Fancy Photo by Courtesy of Farrow & Ball…


Live Q&A: To paint or not to paint?

The entire AskTOH team was on hand recently for a special Live Q&A marking the final day of filming for the current season of Ask—creating a great opportunity for Insiders to pose questions about any problematic part of the house or yard.One Insider asked painting contractor Mauro Henrique whether painting a brick fireplace can ever be undone (it’s very difficult to remove the paint, so be sure it’s what you want); another Insider asked Ross and Richard Trethewey about water line shutoff sensors (one new product has sensors for flow, pressure, and temperature, and will shut off the line and send…


We’re live from Westerly!

In February, TOH TV producers' thoughts turn to the next big project, knowing that the crew needs to start work now in order to finish a big renovation project and film the work in time for a September season debut.Indeed, Season 41—which will begin airing in the fall of 2019—has just gotten under way. The first step is complete: finding the project. It's a 1940s ranch-style house in southern Rhode Island, located just half a mile from the beach. Wish-list items for the homeowners—a couple with two young kids—include additions that will give them room for their growing family while…


Watch It Again: Ask This Old House

Grab a mug of hot chocolate and tune in to Ask TOH, Season 14, Episode 10, “Winter-Weather Special.”With the Ask This Old House team all based in New England, there is plenty of accumulated knowledge about dealing with the house-related issues that come with frosty temperatures. One big issue is ice dams, large blocks of ice that form along the edge of the roof. “Roof shingles are meant to shed water down, but an ice dam will force the water up under the shingles and create a leak in the roof,” says Tom Silva, who has seen people attack ice…

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