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How to Fill a Hole in a Brick Wall

Project details Skill 1 out of 5 Easy Estimated Time 4-6 hours Since it’s such a small repair, it may be a challenge to get a mason to fix a small hole in a brick wall. In this guide, we share how you can tackle this project on your own with materials you can buy and tools you can rent. What to Use to Fill Holes in Brick Walls? You’ll need mortar, matching brick, and a few other tools. To fill the hole in a brick wall you use mortar. In the case of this project, we were able to…


Current Obsessions: October Still Life

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How To Repair a Chain Link Fence

Compared to charming white picket and stunning gothic wrought iron, chain link fences get a bad rap. Sure, chain link fences are as basic and practical as they come, but they’re also incredibly durable and long-lasting. And, since only a few things tend to go wrong with them, learning how to repair a chain link fence is relatively easy. How To Repair a Chain Link Fence: Bent Rail Chain link fences are sturdy but fallen tree limbs or fence-hopping teenagers can bend a top rail. Fortunately, chain link fence repairs are fairly straightforward. Tools and Materials: Step One: Untie the…


How To Bend Wood

Wood bending may seem impossible—but it’s entirely possible. There’s more than just one way to do it. So, whatever your avocation or project, learn how to bend wood with this guide. How to Bend Wood: The Need-to-Knows Regardless of which of the following methods you choose, there are a few facts to understand about bending wood. For one, wood fibers are tough and rigid, so wood doesn’t want to bend. For that reason, it’s very easy to break wood while attempting to bend it, so adjust your expectations and don’t get discouraged. Also, for bending wood with steam or hot…


Kitchen of the Week: Paul de Zwart of Another Country in London

Our friend Paul de Zwart, the founder of contemporary craft furniture maker Another Country (and the former publisher of Wallpaper magazine), recently shared his newly renovated Northwest London kitchen with us. “Located in a Victorian terrace house, the project involved joining two rooms into one to create a new dine-in kitchen,” he says. “Much attention was placed on retaining the character of the house and ensuring that new and old were in harmony, hence the use of reclaimed flooring, placing emphasis on natural materials and textures, and keeping to the house’s proportions and original external openings.” Photography by Guy Archard.…


Watch “This Old House” Shows on The Roku Channel

All New Episodes Available Every Monday on The Roku Channel. New episodes of the current seasons of This Old House and Ask This Old House are available to watch on The Roku Channel every Monday. Select prior seasons from This Old House and Ask This Old House libraries are available for free on-demand via The Roku Channel. Stream This Old House and Ask This Old House episodes free, 24/7/365 on The Roku Channel, channel 456. In Canada, watch on channel 340. This Old House Classic (channel 457 on The Roku Channel) is a free live channel streaming classic This Old…

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