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Kitchen of the Week: A Shaker Cook Space in the Catskills (Root Cellar Included)

Since we first featured Bovina Farm & Fermentory in Upstate New York (see Simple Good Things: 13 Ideas to Steal from a Shaker-Inspired Farm & Fermentory in the Catskills), we’ve returned to the many details that make it sing: hand-stamped and -stenciled walls, Shaker peg rails that wrap around rooms, and simple yellow tapers on the tables.The farm was designed and built by Upstate natives Elizabeth Starks and Jacob Sackett to be both their own home and an old-fashioned gathering place, with farm dinners, homemade pies, and house brews. “In 2017, we decided that we would build a house in…


Object of Desire: Venetian Glass Lights from In Common With

New from Brooklyn’s In Common With, in collaboration with artist Sophie Lou Jacobsen: Flora, a lighting collection that draws on the history of Venetian glass-making techniques.Here are just a few silhouettes we have been coveting—each a splurge, yes, but exquisitely made.Photography by William Jess Laird, courtesy of In Common With.Above: The hand-shaped Fazzo Pendant is “made using the centuries-old fazzoletto technique—in which a molten glass dome is spun upside-down to create waves that resemble the wilting petals of a flower—and fitted with hand-finished brass details.” It’s $2,750 and available in the collection’s five colorways (pistachio, opaline, lilac, poppy, and tobacco), with…


Tips for Hiring a Home Renovation Team

This article appeared in the Fall 2022 issue of This Old House Magazine. Click here to learn how to subscribe. We’re used to breaking work into a series of steps. First, we scrape, then we prime, then we paint. Lather, rinse, repeat. Wipe on, wipe off. Hiring a Renovation Team But when it comes to the complex task of home renovation, I recommend that homeowners consider a less linear approach from the start. Traditionally, an architect or designer is hired, a plan finalized and put out to bid, and a contractor chosen. Later, a lighting specialist, an interior designer, or…


How to Patch a Wood Floor

Project details Skill 3 out of 5 Moderate Estimated Time 4-6 hours To make the patches in strip flooring blend in, you’ll need to pull them up and weave in new strips between the old ones. The goal is to cut out some of the old strips so that the joints in adjacent courses are staggered, matching the existing joint pattern. But first, you’ll need to obtain new tongue-and-groove strips of the same width and thickness as the rest of the floor and some subflooring of the same thickness to support the unstable areas. You can complete this repair with…


Made from Scraps: Colorful Quilts by Thompson Street Studio

The Great Quilting Comeback continues: Returning again to cold weather (and more covers), we’re admiring these colorful quilts by Thompson Street Studio, all made from fabric remnants. Take a look.Above: We’ve admired Thompson Street Studio since the days of our Remodelista Markets. “Kiva Motnyk grew up in a creative household (her mother was a dancer, her father a painter, and their home served as a communal dance, painting, and photography studio) in SoHo,” Justine wrote in a 2016 post. After working as a textile designer and creative director for the likes of Isaac Mizrahi and Apiece Apart, she opened Thompson…


What to Know About Renting Out Your House

Perhaps you’ve inherited an old, family house and aren’t quite ready to part with it. Maybe your adult child just moved out of the apartment over the garage. Or you’d like to cash in on the beach house you use just one month a year. For lots of reasons, you may be thinking of becoming a part-time landlord, an enterprise filled with promise and peril. Financially, there’s a lot you have to get right, and you could pay a high price if you get it wrong. Up ahead: some common traps new landlords fall into—and how to steer clear of…

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