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­The Best Tools Seen at the National Hardware Show 2022

Visiting the Las Vegas Convention Center for the National Hardware Show means checking out booth after booth to find the most innovative tools, gadgets, and gear. Since the first event in 1945, the National Hardware Show has been ground zero for manufacturers rolling out new ideas for indoor and outdoor home-improvement products. This year was no exception, with a mix of inventive products from both established and small independent brands. See our top picks for tools and other gadgets from this year’s NHS event. Top 12 Products at the 2022 NHS Show The Jolie Filtered Showerhead Courtesy Jolie This showerhead…


Remodelista Reconnaissance: Bright-Colored Pitchers for Summers Outside

Ever since Margot’s profile on An Architect’s Colorful Kitchen in a London High-Rise published last week, we’ve been smitten by the vintage Dansk enameled pitchers spotted on the modular shelves. Candy-colored and nearly indestructible, they are, by our measure, the perfect summer pitchers.But where to procure them? Read on.The SightingAbove: The Dansk pitchers spotted in architect Ben Allen’s own kitchen are vintage, Margot reports, and add even more color to an already bright cook space. Photograph by French + Type, courtesy of Studio Ben Allen.The SourceAbove: There are plenty of one-off Dansk originals to be found with some mild Internet…


Trincomalee: A Landscape Designer’s ‘Gentle Restoration’ of a Historic House

A reigning gardening principle is to accept and work with the conditions you’ve been dealt—be it rocky soil, low light, little precipitation, or a steep slope—and choose only plants that will thrive on that property. As co-founder of landscape design firm and shop Garden Life, in Sydney, Australia, Richard Unsworth is a proponent of this type of considered, site-specific design. So it comes as no surprise that he applied the same thoughtful philosophy to the makeover of his weekend home, Trincomalee, on Lovett Bay, a Sydney suburb accessible only by boat.Instead of remodeling the quirky structure beyond recognition (it was…


Kitchen of the Week: A Minimal Guest House in a Fishing Port (Portuguese Wines Included)

A while back we profiled Three Minimalist Guesthouses on the Coast of Portugal, Pools Included (which we dubbed, then, “almost too beautiful to be believed”).Summer has us thinking, again, of Portugal, and so we’re returning to one of the guesthouses, Casa Dois, in a former fish warehouse in the port of Olhãu, to take a closer look at the stark, sculptural cook space, designed by Atelier Rua.Above: The guest house has a teeny tiny courtyard with a plunge pool, built-in seating, and preserved arched glass doorways that lead to the kitchen.Above: Into the cook space.Above: The eat-in kitchen has whitewashed…


10 Easy Pieces: Slim Side Tables

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Rebuilding a Family Home in Saratoga Springs

This article appeared in the Summer 2022 issue of This Old House Magazine. Click here to learn how to subscribe. When Evan and Whitney Williamson’s house in Saratoga Springs, New York, was built, Abraham Lincoln was in the White House, and Ulysses S. Grant was slugging it out with Robert E. Lee in a struggle to shape the nation’s destiny. There were no telephones, automobiles, or refrigerators. Electric lighting was rare. Most homes in town lacked indoor plumbing. LEFT: The house’s facade prior. RIGHT: When the work is complete, Evan Williamson and his wife, Whitney, will move into the revitalized…

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