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How to Clean Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets take a lot of abuse, suffering accidental spills, cooking splatters, and a continuous barrage of fingerprints. Yet those hardworking uppers and lowers tend to get short shrift during regular weekly cleaning, so by the time you realize they’ve been neglected, grease, grime, dirt, and smears may have built up considerably. This is not merely unsightly: Oft-handled cabinet hardware can harbor germs, and food crumbs hiding in back corners can invite bugs and vermin. Plus, most kitchen cabinets are made of wood, a porous material that can become stubbornly sticky yet calls for a gentler approach than you might…


7 Ways to Fix a Garage Door That Won’t Close

If your garage door isn’t closing like it’s supposed to, the situation can get pretty frustrating. After all, the garage is where most homeowners keep valuable tools and hobby gear, so security needs to be a priority. Instead of worrying about your garage’s contents until the repairman can get there, try the following steps. More than likely, you’ll be able to make the repair yourself and save money on a service call. 7 Simple Methods for Fixing a Garage Door that Won’t Close 1. Check the Sensors If your garage door won’t close all the way, it’s probably an issue…


Kitchen of the Week: An American In London Creates Her Dream Ikea Hack Kitchen

I recently received a kitchen remodel alert on Instagram from an avid Remodelista reader. “Ferren Gipson is an art star in the UK,” she wrote. “I love what she’s done.” We did, too, and, in turn, direct messaged Ferren. “I plan our designs myself and I have so much self-doubt along the way, so it’s so nice to have you get in touch,” she responded. An American art historian in London and host of the podcast Art Matters, Ferren and her husband, Tom Lloyd, a tech marketing specialist, and their five-year-old son, Winter, live in a Victorian row house in…


How to Remove Rivets

What is a Rivet? If you hear the word “rivet” and immediately think of an industrious woman named Rosie, your point of reference would be sometime in the last century. Before the widespread use of the structural bolt, rivets were used to join steel plates that became bridges, skyscrapers, tanks, airplanes, and ships. These rivets were thick iron plugs with mushroom-shaped heads that were heated until they were red-hot and placed into holes in the steel. While one worker applied pressure to the head, another worker then peened over the tail protruding from the steel with a manual or pneumatic…


Scene Stealers: Moody Vignettes in the Brooklyn Loft of the Founders of Ridge House

Last month, Annie shared Brooklyn-based design firm Ridge House’s neo-Gothic restoration in Nebraska. Today, we’re admiring another project by founders Lauren Lochry and Jeff Gillway: the couple’s own Bushwick loft, a space they use as a workshop, showroom, and, of course, home base. Just as the site—its architecture, environment, location, and history—led the design on the Nebraska project, their loft takes inspiration from its Brooklyn setting. “The space is in a converted industrial building, and that roughness is still inherent. This overall character has lent a lot of creative energy in the building. There is art/graffiti in the stairwells, and…


10 Easy Pieces: Choosing An Undercounter Refrigerator

My devotion to the traditional Sub-Zero refrigerator was called into question when I visited a friend’s kitchen with a suite of undercounter refrigeration; in the space ordinarily occupied by the refrigerator, she has a spacious storage pantry. With high-end manufacturers like Sub-Zero offering highly-rated undercounter refrigeration options, is it possible that refrigerator drawers will replace the traditional upright behemoth? Here’s a selection (in no particular order) of undercounter refrigerators worth considering, whether you’re supplementing your existing refrigeration space or embarking on a remodel. We break them up into the refrigerator drawer style and the self-contained undercounter units. Refrigerator Drawers Above:…

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