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Steal This Look: A Creative Studio Kitchen in a London Showroom

We always admire when a showroom or storefront includes a kitchen in their spatial design. Case in point: Fred Rigby Studio in East London. Rigby, who generally eschews the word “showroom,” designed the space to resemble an apartment. The compact kitchen includes a small dining area and a combination of gray, light wood, and red tones to bring impact into an otherwise overlooked space. Here, we list some of the key elements to recreate the look.Above: The studio kitchen; see more at Fred Rigby Studio: A New Creative Space for Free Thinking in London. Photography by Jake Curtis, courtesy of…


How to Get Rid of Smoke Smell in Your House

Whether it’s from a fire in the home or a wildfire nearby, put that scary memory behind you Make no mistake: Fires are scary. Whether there has been a fire inside the home or a terrifying blaze had worked its way across the landscape, the first priority is getting everyone to safety. But when the flames subside, the stubborn evidence remains. The smell of smoke can linger for a long, long time, and every inhale becomes an uncomfortable reminder. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Learning how to get rid of smoke smell in the house isn’t necessarily…


A Masterful Mix-and-Match Apartment in London by Beata Heuman

The interior designer Beata Heuman’s latest project—a vast, open-plan apartment in London’s Notting Hill—is fizzing with ideas. “This was a real blank canvas for us to play with,” explains the Swedish-born, London-based designer. “The apartment was very much an anonymous shell that was hard to attribute to any particular period. For us, it became the perfect place to experiment.’Join us for a tour:Photography by Simon Brown.Above: Beata Heuman’s latest London project was the first open plan space the studio has designed.The two-story apartment is owned by a couple in their mid-20s. “It was a really exciting opportunity for us, because…


Current Obsessions: Solstice

Mainers and New Englanders: Join us at The Post Supply in Portland, Maine, next Saturday, June 25, from 4-6 p.m. to celebrate the release of our new book, Remodelista in Maine. Annie and photographer Greta Rybus will be there to sign books, and Maine & Loire will be serving up glasses of natural wine. More info here; we hope to see you there.In the meantime, here’s what’s capturing our attention this solstice weekend:Above: Scandi summer, as glimpsed in this week’s Botanical Patterns from Boråstapeter, Sweden’s Oldest Wallpaper Company. Photograph by Boråstapeter, courtesy of F. Schumacher.We’re all taken by The Mae…


How to Build an Indoor DIY Rock Climbing Wall

If you have kids, you know how they love to climb on things. Seemingly without fear, they scale the kitchen table, countertop, doorframes, and the trees in the yard. Why not create a secure space dedicated for your little ones to get the wiggles out and scramble to their heart’s content? Building an indoor rock climbing wall is a simple DIY project and your whole family will enjoy the end result. Instill Safety Measures Of course, we don’t want our kids to get hurt while they’re trying to get their fun on. So it’s important to minimize any potential for…


What is a Junction Box & How to Install One 

What is a Junction Box? A junction box is an electrical box used to house splices. A junction box protects the connections inside it, prevents potential electrical shocks, and keeps sparks from spreading to flammable surroundings. There are two types of junction boxes: new work, installed where the wall framing is open, and old work, installed after the drywall is in place. Each type is available in metal or plastic. Metal boxes are used primarily to house metal conduit or armored (BX) cable. Plastic boxes are used to house the more common non-metallic (plastic) sheathed cable. Junction boxes are attached…

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