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10 Things Nobody Tells You About Painting a Room White

The most iconic house in the U.S. is, you guessed it, white, and it takes quite a bit of paint to keep it looking fresh year after year. (The color? It’s reportedly Duron’s “Whisper White,” now made by Sherwin-Williams.) 6. What looks good to you now might look yellow to you later. Above: Photograph by Matthew Williams for Remodelista, from The Soulful Side of Old Cape Cod: Justine’s Family Cottage. In her latest column for The Wall Street Journal, Michelle reveals that our perception of color changes over time: “Our physical sense of color, smell and touch changes as we get older, which means…


10 Easy Pieces: Modern Wood Frame Sofas

We’re fans of the wood frame sofa, by Børge Mogensen to Donald Judd. There are plenty of lookalikes and modern renditions that make the cut as well. Here are our 10 favorites. Above: The actual Donald Judd-designed furniture is available through the Judd Foundation. The Single Day Bed 32 comes in a range of wood options and fits a twin mattress; $11,850. Above: From the new sofa company called Common, the Mooner Sofa by Studio David Thulstrup is available in four different upholstery fabrics and made with an oak frame; €3,200 at Common. Above: Australian designer Mark Tuckey makes the…


Top DIY Design Ideas of the Year

Top DIY Design Ideas of the Year 1 × Make a Drop-Cloth Throw Rug Make a Drop-Cloth Throw Rug Photo by Ellen McDermott Published in Jan/Feb 2018 With a little DIY handiwork, a canvas designed to protect surfaces from paint spatters can become the basis for some latex magic of its own. Customize it with a pattern and paint colors of your choosing for an affordable floor covering you can toss in the washer. A spray-on stain-resistant finish helps it stand up to any hardworking space like an entryway or kitchen. Available in rug-friendly sizes (like 6x9, 9x12, and 12x15),…


There’s Way More to a Carpenter’s Pencil Than You Think

Matt Jackson has been in the construction trades since 1972. During his career he has worked as a remodeling contractor and auto body restoration technician and, most recently, as a framer and trim carpenter on high-end custom homes. In this video, apprentices, journeymen/women, and masters alike will find useful tips and tricks related to the carpenter’s pencil. Jackson makes a case for why rectangular lead is better suited to marking lumber than round lead, and he shares his methods for creating four different points - each with specific uses. Check out his youtube channel, Next Level Carpentry for more useful…


Gingerbread House Kit Shopping Guide

Gingerbread House Kit Shopping Guide 1 × Gingerbread Scene Decorating Kit Gingerbread Scene Decorating Kit PHOTO: AMAZON This open display is a simple build, perfect for crafting with small kids. About $12.49; Amazon 2 × Gingerbread Cabin Decorating Kit Gingerbread Cabin Decorating Kit PHOTO: AMAZON Recreate one of the Wilton designs on the box or just design your own cabin curb appeal. About $13; Amazon 3 × Gingerbread Giant A-Frame House Gingerbread Giant A-Frame House PHOTO: AMAZON A charming (and unique!) design to try. About $26; Amazon 4 × Gingerbread Village Decorating Kit Gingerbread Village Decorating Kit PHOTO: AMAZON Why stop…


Holiday Gift Guide 2018: 14 Gifts for the Zero Waster

Full-Use Recipes Above: Discovered when Julie and I did a book signing at Rough Draft in Kingston, NY: Waste Not, $45, a collection of recipes from the James Beard Foundation that make the most of peels, rinds, roots, and other ingredients that customarily get tossed. There are also chapters on leftovers and pickling and fermenting, plus a foreword by Tom Colicchio. Above: Another zero-waste cookbook new this year, Cooking with Scraps, $19.95, is a vegetarian take on the topic. Ceramic Water Filter Above: Made in Brooklyn by a ceramic artist (with her father’s help),  the 19-inch-tall Walter Water Filter, $395, is composed of…

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