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Tuft & Needle Mattress Review: Amazing Mattresses, Incredible Price

The products featured in this article have been independently reviewed by the Mattress Advisor and This Old House team. When you buy something through the retail links on this page, we may earn commission at no cost to you, the reader. Finding the best mattress for your new bedroom or guest room can be tough, especially when there are so many things to consider. One of the most important factors to take into account, though, is the budget. We’ve partnered with the knowledgeable team at Mattress Advisor to create this Tuft & Needle Mattress review in which we’ll cover why…


A River Runs Through It: A Family’s Barge-Turned-Houseboat on the Thames

As anyone who’s ever looked to purchase a home in a bustling metropolis can tell you, the real estate market can be put-up-your-dukes competitive. May we suggest expanding your options and taking a page from Claire and Alistair Langhorn, who bought a 1950s Dutch barge on the Thames and converted the 2,150 square-foot floating space into chic living quarters for their family of four?Of course, it may help if you’re an architect (like Claire and Alistair, who are directors of LAB Architects) and already have experience with such conversions (LAB’s headquarters are on a barge just up the river from…


The Do-It-All Dining Table: Enter to Win $1000 From Transformer Table

In a tiny space, apartment, or multi-purpose room, each piece of furniture needs to serve double—sometimes triple—duty. Enter modular furniture: pieces that turn, say, from a bed into a desk, or transform entirely into new sizes and shapes. The offerings from Transformer Table take multi-functional furniture up a notch: Coupling quality materials (like solid woods) with smart, innovative engineering, the extendable six-in-one tables transform into multiple configurations and sizes. With no tools needed, they can transform down into a tiny side table, expand into a sprawling setup fit for a dinner party, and everything in between—ideal for entertainers, renters, holiday hosts,…


How to Build a DIY Nightstand

Project details Skill 3 out of 5 Moderate Cost $140 (not including paint, screws, and glue) Estimated Time About 5 hours The do-it-yourself projects that jump to the top of my list always seem to be the ones that add more function to our home. If a build promises to put wasted space to good use or bring organization to a cluttered area, I find myself feeling extra inspired. PREP STEPS. Jenn uses a miter saw to cut the night table’s 2×2 legs, as well as its 1×2 crosspieces. A table saw is handy for cutting the sides and shelf,…


Current Obsessions: Peak Summer

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Remodelista Reconnaissance: A Palm-Leaf Light in a Designer’s Apartment

Continuing with our admiration for all things rattan and natural-fiber this summer (see, in particular, Atelier Vime’s Just-Opened Emporium in a Restored House in Provence), this week’s quest involved a wall-mounted sconce spotted in The Well-Traveled Home of UK Interior Designer Lucy Currell. Did we find it? Read on.The SightingAbove: In Lucy Currell’s East London home, a palm-leaf light hangs above the green sofa. It’s vintage, contributor Nell pointed out, and was purchased in France. (Note also the petite Fred Rigby-designed shelf: “Little shelves like this are very convenient for a cup of tea or a glass wine if you don’t…

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