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A Quick Way to Clean Tarnished Silver

Put silverware in a single layer in a glass baking dish lined with aluminum foil; each piece needs to touch the foil. Cover with baking soda, add a little salt, then pour hot (not boiling) water over it. The dry ingredients facilitate the transfer of electrons from the silver to the aluminum with the water as a conductor, turning tarnish into aluminum sulfide and revealing the silver without scratching or pitting it. Remove each piece with tongs when it looks shiny (from 10 seconds to a few minutes, depending on the level of tarnish), then rinse and pat dry.https://www.thisoldhouse.com/ideas/quick-way-to-clean-tarnished-silver


Clear Out Old Condiments

When you buy new condiments, add a label noting the first-use date—the shelf life of most items is based on when the bottle, can, or jar is opened. Place your most-used condiments in the door. To keep the rest from taking over your fridge (or getting shoved to the back and forgotten), store on a stainless-steel lazy Susan (like the one at right, $20; The Container Store) or a tiered organizer.Thanks to: Katherine DiGiovanni, professional organizer, Refine Home Concepts https://www.thisoldhouse.com/ideas/clear-out-old-condiments


Amazon’s Best Last-Minute Gifts | Gift Guide 2018

Amazon's Best Last-Minute Gifts | Gift Guide 2018 3 × Motorized Knife and Tool Sharpener Motorized Knife and Tool Sharpener PHOTO: AMAZON Working with sharp tools ensures that they cut as they're expected to, reducing unexpected slips and making for a safer work environment. $129.95; Amazon 4 × Dremel Rotary Tool Kit Dremel Rotary Tool Kit PHOTO: AMAZON Always popular, this is the go-to rotary tool for everything from engraving to cutting to polishing to grinding to sharpening. About $74; Amazon 7 × Driver/Impact Combo Kit Driver/Impact Combo Kit PHOTO: AMAZON Ergonomic, lightweight tools for everyday jobs. A must in…


Profile: Jeff Covington, Clean Air Technologies, Richmond, VA

What’s been your path to success?I started in heating and air conditioning as a teenager working summers for a family friend. The initial plan out of high school was to go to college. But I decided to take year off and worked full time in the heating and air field. I learned quickly, moved up the ladder and was earning a really good paycheck. I was intrigued by the business side, but I was seeing that the bottom line mattered more to the companies I was working for than customer service, which I didn't agree with.So I started thinking, "Okay, I have…


Personalized Gifts | Gift Guide 2018

Personalized Gifts | Gift Guide 2018 1 × Personalized Gifts from Target's Wondershop Personalized Gifts from Target's Wondershop PHOTO: TARGET WONDERSHOP Visit any Target Wondershop (in about 80 participating stores) to have these made while you wait, or order the charming gifts online. Best part? Price tags won't break the bank. Prices range from about $6- $20; Target Wondershop 3 × Family Recipe Cutting Board Family Recipe Cutting Board PHOTO: UNCOMMON GOODS Pass down a family recipe on this "recipe card." $140; Uncommon Goods 4 × Leather Whiskey Case Leather Whiskey Case PHOTO: WALNUT STUDIOLO You can get this handsome carrier…


Create the Perfect Gallery Wall for Winter

Set a seasonal scene right inside the door with an entryway gallery wall. It’s a doable DIY project that can cost as little as $2.99 per print if you do as homeowner Lauren Shaver did here and start with public-domain art: The Biodiversity Heritage Library boasts an enormous cache of rights-free images of flora and fauna. Download your favorites (choose “original size” to get the largest file) and print them at an office supply store that has a printer for blueprints. Also called engineering prints, these are an inexpensive option for scaled-up drawings—the conifers in this cold-weather collection are 16 by…

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