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Remodeling 101: Farewell to the Gas Range, Welcome to the World of Induction Cooking

No wonder so many of us like cooking with gas. There’s something atavistic about fixing food over an open flame—a throwback to primitive man (and woman!) hunched over the fire. And gas heat is a snap to regulate—it’s on as soon as you turn the knob; the flame size shows how hot it is; and when you turn it off it’s immediately off. Plus, it’s cheaper than using electricity. If you already cook with gas, you probably don’t need me telling you this.But as you may have heard, gas ranges are on the way out. In 2019, Berkeley, CA, became…


Domestic Science: How to Stop Your Washing Machine from Releasing Microplastics into the Ocean

Over the course of doing research for our new book, we learned so much about how to design our homes—and live our lives in them—in a more sustainable, climate-aware way. All of us at Remodelista have adopted new household routines as a result (read about them here). One of the most surprising facts we learned? That something as simple and essential as laundering our clothes can lead to extreme pollution in the form of microplastic fibers in our waterways.When you wash anything made of synthetic fabrics—e.g., a fleece jacket, spandex tights, microfiber cleaning cloth, or polyester mix sheets—the spinning and…


It’s Here! ‘Remodelista: The Low-Impact Home’ Arrives in Bookstores Today

Remodelista: The Low-Impact Home: A Sourcebook for Stylish, Eco-Conscious Living is finally, officially in bookstores today! Please come take a look.Our goal was to pack the book with both design inspiration and approachable tips for how to live well while treading lightly on this planet. Many people contributed to—and elevated—the project, including the designers and creatives who opened up their low-impact living quarters to us, and the specialists—on everything from greener laundry routines to earth-friendly wall finishes—who stepped in with guidance and wisdom. Thanks to them, whether you’re looking to spruce up your rooms in an eco-conscious way, or embarking…


New Seasons Premiering on PBS and The Roku Channel

Season 44 of This Old House This Old House host Kevin O’Connor meets with homeowners in Atlanta, GA, in Season 44 of TOH. Steve Dietl Season 44 of This Old House will feature three unique and compelling construction projects. Our team starts with restoring the first black postmaster’s house in Atlanta, GA, which was the site of civil rights activism. The deep history and charm led homeowners Kysha and Jonathan to want to restore it for their family and use it as a homeschool for their children. Next, the Schwab family is looking to remodel their classic New England-style home…


The Package-Free Pantry: Fair-Well in London Delivers Bulk Organic Staples

Concerned about your household’s single-use plastic and other packaging waste? The package-free movement has been gathering momentum: bulk goods stores and farmers market stands have been cropping up all over, and most groceries now have bulk sections—all of which allow customers to fill up their own containers. But does carrying your own jars and marking tares feel like a mission impossible? Jerilee and Claire, Founders of Fair-Well in London are out to make package-free shopping much easier.Three years ago, the two friends purchased a 1970s electric “milk float,” a milk van that they named Charlie and converted into a home…


Current Obsessions: Treading Lightly

The countdown is on: Our latest book, Remodelista: The Low-Impact Home, comes out in just a few days, on Tuesday, October 4. Head here to order, and scroll down for a peek inside plus more design news on our radar:Above: “Our mantra is repurpose, reuse, scavenge, buy local,” writes Julie, and thus was born Remodelista: The Low-Impact Home, three years in the making. It’s filled with simple swaps, our favorite vintage and repurposed products for every room, and living quarters that are as stylish as they are sustainable, like this Catskills cabin by architecture firm TBo. Photograph by Matthew Williams…

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