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Stopping Corrosion Under Insulation in Global Oil and Gas Facilities

Corrosion under insulation (CUI) is the root cause of many of the global petrochemical industry’s most serious problems including forced shutdowns, lost production, early repair and replacement, as well as safety and environmental consequences that can cost millions of dollars per incident. CUI, which involves the corrosion of vessels or piping beneath insulation due to water penetration, is insidious because it can remain undetected until the insulation is removed for inspection or leaks occur. Water penetration can result from many causes including monsoons, rain, flooding, wash downs, and sprinkler systems, as well as exposure to steam, humidity or frequent condensation…


Keeping the Lights on During Extreme Cold Snaps

Polar vortexes. Hurricanes. Wildfires. With climate change making extreme weather events more frequent and intense, it is getting harder to keep the lights on and HVAC systems running. As a power system researcher, I believe utilities need to get better at withstanding disasters and the disruption they cause. Investing more heavily is key, especially in infrastructure upgrades, renewable energy and microgrids — small and self-sufficient sources of power that help consumers either stay off the grid by choice or simply stay connected during outages. Different kinds of weather can obstruct access to electricity. In extreme cold snaps, like the one that…


Department of Energy Proposes Changes in Efficiency Rulemaking

New rules announced by the Department of Energy would change how energy efficiency standards are set. [Image credit: JScquish / CC BY-SA] Federal rules for setting energy efficiency standards will be revised under a plan announced by the Department of Energy, prompting complaints that the changes would make it harder to update standards in the future and ultimately cost consumers more money. The proposed rules, which were published in the Federal Register last week, are intended to make the process consistent with the Energy Policy and Conservation Act of 1975, according to a post at Utility Dive. But advocates for…


Wingnut Testing: Soffit-to-Ridge Roof Venting

So far, I have performed wingnut testing on PSA tapes and on basement waterproofing products. Very recently, I started working on wingnut testing of roof venting, using an easel made from 2-by lumber and two sandwich panels of 1/2-inch OSB (see the photo above).  The easel includes a vent space and ridge vent between the two panels. Each sandwich panel is made up of two layers of OSB, with an air space between the two layers. The easel demo simulates one vented cathedral roof cavity facing one direction and the other facing 180 degrees in the opposite direction. Frankly, the…


Saving Sustainably: Completing the Dry-In

Editor’s note: This is one in a series of blogs detailing the construction of a net-zero energy house in Point Roberts, Washington, by an owner-builder with relatively little building experience. A list of Matt Bath’s GBA articles can be found at the bottom of this page. You’ll find Matt Bath’s full blog, Saving Sustainably, here. If you want to follow project costs, you can keep an eye on a budget worksheet here. The plywood sheathing has been doing an adequate job of stopping the rain from getting inside the house, but with enough time, rain and wind will damage the…


Johns Manville Announces Significant Expansion in Defiance, Ohio

Johns Manville (JM) announced today it will make a significant investment toward expanding capacity at its Defiance, Ohio, manufacturing facility. The expansion will allow Johns Manville to increase the production of its fiberglass pipe insulation products, Micro-Lok® HP and Micro-Lok® HP Ultra. “We are investing in our mechanical insulation business to meet increasing customer demand for our market-leading fiberglass pipe insulations,” said Mary Rhinehart, President and CEO of Johns Manville. “Our decision to make this investment is an intentional step that positions JM to support our customers in a growing industry.” JM will begin the capacity expansion project early this…

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