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Energy Efficiency Groups Balk at New Appliance Rules

Critics say efficiency testing rules for manufacturers of home appliances would be loosened under a Department of Energy proposal. The DOE has refused to schedule a public meeting to explain the change but has offered private meetings as an alternative. Photo: Phillip Pessar / CC BY 2.0 / Flickr The Department of Energy (DOE) has proposed a rule change that would allow appliance manufacturers to opt out of energy efficiency testing, seriously undermining U.S. efficiency standards, an advocacy group claims. The DOE billed the proposal, which was published in the Federal Register on May 1, as an effort to streamline…


Two Years After Devastating London Fire, Probe Drags On

Two years after fire roared through a public housing tower in London and killed 72 people, the type of insulated cladding thought to have contributed to the blaze is still a threat to thousands of British apartments dwellers, according to published reports. The fire at Grenfell Tower reportedly started with a faulty refrigerator in an apartment on a lower floor and spread rapidly up the outside of the 24-story building. Investigators believe that an aluminum-faced cladding with a core of polyethylene insulation helped make the fire so deadly. The panel, called Reynobond PE, was installed over an air gap that…


5 Pitfalls that Can Throw Off Your Turnaround

Maintenance and turnarounds are challenging, time-consuming endeavors, but they are absolutely necessary to keep a plant running safely and efficiently. While most plants typically schedule maintenance on a regular basis, an entire unit might run 3 – 5 years before it receives any maintenance, and some units can actually run up to 10 years before undergoing a major turnaround. The infrequency of maintenance and turnarounds can make it difficult to find a rhythm to work out kinks in the process. Additionally, a lot can happen, both seen and unseen, over the course of five years, making it challenging to know…


Improving Turnarounds Part 1: Strategic Coaching

The turnaround industry is being hit hard by the baby boomer retirement tidal wave. Every day sees another 10,000 skilled workers evaporate from our national talent pool, leaving behind two classes of people: those who are fully qualified to carry on and those who are not. This quickly sets in motion a two-pronged cycle downward: First, the remaining skilled workers are stuck carrying the bulk of the load, becoming burned out and resentful of less skilled employees who are not carrying their fair share. These skilled employees are likely to seek escape from the relentless pressure by pursuing employment elsewhere.…


Improving Turnarounds Part 2: Materials Management

History will never forget the name George S. Patton. This World War II superhero was the combat general who charged into Sicily, swept across France like a tidal wave and blazed through Germany, capturing 10,000 square miles of enemy territory in just 10 short days! He was the Nazis’ worst nightmare. Much is known of his military genius and bravery, but what is little known is that the heart of his strategy was materials and logistics. He once remarked, “Gentlemen, the officer who doesn’t know his communications and supply as well as his tactics is totally useless.” In other words,…


10 Steps to a Successful Plant Turnaround

A planned shutdown or plant turnaround can come with a significant cost and hit to operating budgets. These shutdowns may even come to the attention of an operation’s boards of directors and shareholders, as well as have an effect on inventory supply and client relationships. Therefore, it is essential that plants manage shutdowns and turnarounds, as efficiently as possible. Given AMACS’ extensive experience in this area, we’d like to share these 10 crucial steps to a successful turnaround. https://news.jm.com/blog/industrial-insulation/10-steps-successful-plant-turnaround

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