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10 Easy Pieces: Modern Chandeliers

We’ve covered Glass Globe and Halo Chandeliers; now, in the spirit of our Stealth Glamor theme for the week, here’s a roundup of our favorite fantasy chandeliers for the modern palace.Above: Ochre’s Arctic Pear Chandelier Wave features 113 buds made of cast iron, tempered glass, and LED lights; contact Ochre for pricing and availability.Above: The Farol Chandelier by UK designers Bowles and Linares is made with either negra steel or aluminum rings and chains with fittings made from black silk cable; available from Plug Lighting in Los Angeles.Above: Workstead’s Industrial Chandelier is made of repurposed industrial joints, brass sockets, and…


Sheet or liquid applied crack isolation/decoupling membrane

I am having hard time deciding on what type (if any) membrane to install under porcelain tile. I have hadronically heated slab and would prefer to minimize R value of the floor covering. The house has several floating slabs with the largest one being 23′ long. My understanding is that decoupling membrane or at least crack isolation membrane would be worth the effort and money to eliminate potential for cracked tiles in the future. The question that I can’t find a good answer to is whether using liquid applied would be a better option in this case than a sheet…


How to Build a Pipe Ball Lawn Game

Project details Skill 1 out of 5 Easy Once the pipes are cut, just paint and assemble the pieces. Cost $46, including tennis balls Estimated Time 3 hours All those hours of playing Nerf hoops might finally add up to a useful skill when you bust out the pipe-ball game at your next garden party. Instead of shooting a foam basketball at a door-mounted hoop, though, you're arcing a tennis ball at a grouping of pipes—and the rebound is nasty. The angled ends and the varying heights of the pipes make it a game of skill that demands nothing less…


Steal This Look: A Creative Studio Kitchen in a London Showroom

We always admire when a showroom or storefront includes a kitchen in their spatial design. Case in point: Fred Rigby Studio in East London. Rigby, who generally eschews the word “showroom,” designed the space to resemble an apartment. The compact kitchen includes a small dining area and a combination of gray, light wood, and red tones to bring impact into an otherwise overlooked space. Here, we list some of the key elements to recreate the look.Above: The studio kitchen; see more at Fred Rigby Studio: A New Creative Space for Free Thinking in London. Photography by Jake Curtis, courtesy of…


In a 1.5 storey century house, do I need baffles in my attic, when access to seal between the knee wall and roof is very difficult and insulation is thin?

My 110 year old frame house near Ottawa ON (zone 5) has no soffit vents open, poor sealing at the top of the old exterior house wall/ the new addition wall in the attic and R50 fibreglass, cellulose and rockwool insulation. I want more intake ventilation (currently one gable vent for intake vs. a ridge vent for the older house, plus 2 mushroom vents at the other end), better sealing of the attic and more insulation (to R60 or 70). One quote for this work includes baffles although the soffits are blocked by plywood. Presumably after cellulose has been removed.  Another…


How to Get Rid of Smoke Smell in Your House

Whether it’s from a fire in the home or a wildfire nearby, put that scary memory behind you Make no mistake: Fires are scary. Whether there has been a fire inside the home or a terrifying blaze had worked its way across the landscape, the first priority is getting everyone to safety. But when the flames subside, the stubborn evidence remains. The smell of smoke can linger for a long, long time, and every inhale becomes an uncomfortable reminder. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Learning how to get rid of smoke smell in the house isn’t necessarily…

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