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How to Get Rid of Gnats – 5 Ways

Gnats are small flying insects that include fungus gnats, fruit flies, and drain flies. Fungus gnats are dark and have long legs, fruit flies are brown and round, and drain flies have moth-like wings and are attracted to water. Because gnats breed frequently, addressing an infestation promptly is crucial for successful treatment. In this article, we explain where gnats come from, provide five effective ways to treat and prevent a gnat infestation, and recommend the best pest control companies for treating these pests. How Do Gnat Infestations Start? Typically, gnats will enter your house from the outdoors through cracks or…


Fall Giveaway: Enter to Win a $1,500 Gift Card from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

It’s the time of year for coziness—spaces full of comfortable furnishings, sumptuous textures, and rich color palettes. And this year especially, when our homes are serving multiple needs all at one time—from dining in to working remotely to places for peaceful respite and relaxation—it’s a particularly good moment for an autumn spruce-up to help every room fulfill its true potential and serve all its different uses. That’s why we’ve teamed up with North Carolina-based furniture maker Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams to give away a $1,500 gift voucher towards a shopping spree this fall. Just enter here between now and…


The BS* + Beer Show: HRVs and ERVs

This episode of the BS* + Beer show features Enrico Bonilauri, co-founder and chief product officer of EMU and Cramer Silkworth, a licensed engineer and Passive House consultant, discussing HRVs and ERVs—their differences, mechanics, and applications. Cramer kicks things off with a presentation titled “Introduction to ERVs and HRVs: Ventilation Without Taxation.” He describes the appliances as a means for ensuring good indoor air quality (IAQ) at close-to-room-temperature in a reliable way without incurring huge energy penalties. He shows us the inside of a unit and explains the way the intake and exhaust air streams move through the heat recovery…


Best Home Warranty in Dallas

If your trusty old air conditioner or refrigerator breaks down after years of use, don’t look to your homeowners insurance or the manufacturer’s warranty for help—you won’t be covered. For normal wear and tear damage, you need a home warranty, also called a residential service contract. With one of these contracts, you won’t be on the hook for huge, unexpected costs if, for example, your clothes dryer stops working. If the item is covered and the company can’t repair it, they’ll cover the cost of a replacement. We’ve reviewed the best home warranty companies in Dallas, and we’re prepared to…


Progressive vs. State Farm Home Insurance

Both Progressive and State Farm homeowners insurance policies offer the six industry-standard types of coverage. However, State Farm has more overall coverage options, while Progressive has more affordable insurance rates. To learn more about the characteristics of each company and determine which one offers the best homeowners insurance, read our Progressive vs. State Farm home insurance comparison. Progressive vs. State Farm Home Insurance Comparison Provider Progressive State Farm Provider Progressive State Farm Other structures coverage limits* 10% of dwelling 10% of dwelling Personal property coverage limits* 70% of dwelling 50% of dwelling Monthly price** $83 $122 Discounts available 7 3…


Current Obsessions: Autumn Happenings

Current Obsessions: Autumn Happenings - Remodelista Icon - Arrow LeftAn icon we use to indicate a rightwards action. Icon - Arrow RightAn icon we use to indicate a leftwards action. Icon - External LinkAn icon we use to indicate a button link is external. Icon - MessageThe icon we use to represent an email action. Icon - Down ChevronUsed to indicate a dropdown. Icon - CloseUsed to indicate a close action. Icon - Dropdown ArrowUsed to indicate a dropdown. Icon - Location PinUsed to showcase a location on a map. Icon - Zoom OutUsed to indicate a zoom out action…

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