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Best Home Warranty Companies in Tennessee

Peace of mind is the biggest selling point for a Tennessee home warranty. This type of home protection plan ensures that you can afford an expensive repair or replacement when one of your major home systems or appliances breaks down and that you’ll be able to easily get a fix in a matter of days. The This Old House Reviews team has put together a review of the best home warranty companies in the Volunteer State. Continue reading for an in-depth look at company plans, add-on options, and pricing. Top Home Warranty Companies in Tennessee Because of how saturated the…


The BS* + Beer Show: Inside the Wingnut Testing Facility (WTF)

Because we’ve made mistakes in the past, I like to ask the architects, engineers, and builders I interview what mistakes we may be making with the way we build houses today. The most common concern is our reliance on tape. In short time, we’ve increased—by miles it seems—the amount of tape rolled onto our homes during construction. While these products seem to do a decent job keep water out of our walls and an excellent job of sealing would-be air leaks in the short term, many of us are wondering how they will perform over time. Questions like this are…


Xfinity Home Security Review (2020)

Most modern home security systems require some kind of Wi-Fi connection to sync devices and ensure communication with outside monitoring agencies. Therefore, it makes sense that some internet companies like Xfinity are getting into the home security game. In this review, we’ll go over Xfinity plans, pricing, and customer reviews, and help you determine if Xfinity is the best home security solution for you and your home. Pros and Cons of Xfinity Home Security Compare the advantages and disadvantages of an Xfinity home security system: Pros & Cons Pros Cons Pros Cons Provides discounts for bundling with phone, internet, and…


How to Build an Umbrella Stand Side Table

Project details Skill 1 out of 5 Easy Cost $50 + Plastic Bins Estimated Time 4 hours This project is full of cool features, including a beveled detail that makes the horizontal boards look like one continuous layer, a holder for a removable umbrella, and a hinged top that opens to reveal containers for keeping drinks cool. Read on to learn about the tools and materials needed for this project, as well as the step-by-step directions. Steps for Building an Umbrella Stand Side Table Jenn Largesse 1. Bevel the Edges Using a router fitted with a Chamfer Bit, bevel the…


8 Favorites: Handmade Ceramic Spoons

As a Chinese American, I grew up using ceramic spoons at meals. One of my earliest memories of feeling safe and content involved this utensil: My amah (what I called my nanny) would sit on the steps in front of her house holding my dinner as I played in the dirt, meandering back to her only when I was ready for the next spoonful. I loved the cool, smooth feel of the ceramic spoon and the gentle clink when it met my teeth. To this day, I prefer it to its Western metal counterpart. Lately, I’ve been eyeing more artful…


The Best Pest Control in Birmingham

Homeowners across the country have to deal with the unfortunate reality of pests, from ants to mice and more. Sooner or later, homeowners will likely come across a variety of pests, and they may not have the resources, time, or energy to remediate the issue. With Alabama’s warm temperatures, this is a serious problem—one best dealt with by pest control professionals. Conveniently, some of the best pest control companies in the country service the Birmingham area. The This Old House Reviews Team believes Orkin, Terminix, and Rentokil’s division Presto-X are the top pest control providers in the area, with highly…

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