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How Much Does Mulch Cost?

Mulch can be a wonderful landscaping material. It adds a bit of color and texture, reduces weeds, and even helps plants retain moisture during the dog days of summer. It can be made of pine, cedar, cypress, oak rubber, and other materials. And, rather than buying individual bags, shoppers can purchase it in bulk units known as yards. But how much exactly is a yard of mulch? This guide will answer that question and explain more about this practical landscaping product. How Does Mulch Volume Work? Retailers and suppliers sell mulch in one or two forms: by the bag or…


Expert Tips on Planting a Fall Garden

Sure, summer steals the limelight with its bounty of juicy tomatoes and crisp cukes, but believe it or not, fall is ideal for growing certain types of crops, including healthy leafy greens and hearty root vegetables. And big bonus: The cooler weather means fewer bugs and weeds to pester plants, plus it’s simply more comfortable for you (i.e., less sweaty!) to putter in the garden once the dog days are officially over. Whether you’ve spent the last few months diligently tending a veggie patch or were too busy to even begin, this advice will help you get an autumn garden…


The Hot Water Triangle

Gary Klein, a guru of efficient hot water delivery, has been pushing for change in hot water distribution systems for a long time. In recent years, he and his colleagues have developed a great tool for quantifying the efficiency of a hot water distribution system. It’s called the hot water system rectangle, and the concept is simple. The hot water rectangle To find the hot water rectangle, you draw the smallest rectangle possible that includes the water heater and all the hot water fixtures in a house. Then you find the area of that rectangle, divide it by the conditioned…


Kitchen of the Week: A Material-Led Celebration of British Wood

The owners of this handmade kitchen liken the design process to a trip to the farmers’ market. They set off with no preconceptions of what they might achieve. Instead, they were led by materials. In the same way that good-quality, readily available ingredients often make for the tastiest dishes, by working with readily available, responsibly sourced British materials, they have crafted a kitchen from a material palette that sits together as naturally as a seasonal, locally sourced plate of just-picked ingredients.We take a tour:Above: Seb and Brogan’s handmade home.This is the kitchen of the British couple, Seb and Brogan Cox.…


Remodeling 101: Gas vs. Electric vs. Induction Cooktops

These days, there are so many types of cooktops on the market that just determining what’s best for your kitchen can be overwhelming. What size do you need? Will you go with a plain cooktop or a cooktop-range combo? And perhaps trickiest of all: What type of heat source is best—particularly now that induction cooktops are on the rise, in addition to gas and electric options?When it comes to selecting an appliance of any sort, we like Appliances Connection, the online purveyor of home appliances. They carry more than 300 brands and their appliance specialists can explain the ins and…


Flash-and-Batt for a Broken-Pitch Roof

This detail illustrates a broken pitch–roof eave at the ceiling joist and exterior wall intersection. A broken pitch is an aesthetically driven roof design. Coupled with a 24-in.-deep eave, the roof appears to be floating above the wall, which gives it the look some people like. Here, the 8:12 pitch of the main roof suits the colonial style of the house from which this detail derives; halving that pitch to 4:12 creates the swooping effect at the end of the eave. The main roof has 2×10, 16-in.-o.c. wood framing. Typically, the rafter would extend to complete the eave but because…

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