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DIY: Homemade Muslin Summer Sheets

When my children were babies, someone gave me a pure white muslin swaddling blanket made of the most delightfully soft fabric and it quickly became a favorite. Long forgotten, I was reminded of it a while back when I saw a basketful of them at Maude in Petaluma. A maternal impulse found me buying one with no apparent need. That was until I was in search of a light summer bed covering—something that would double as a sheet in hot summer weather. I realized that I could make a king-size sheet out of four blankets and promptly bought three more.…


The Power Plant of the Future

The following post was written by Joachim Seel, Bentham Paulos, and Will Gorman of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. America’s electric power system is undergoing radical change as it transitions from fossil fuels to renewable energy. While the first decade of the 2000s saw huge growth in natural gas generation, and the 2010s were the decade of wind and solar, early signs suggest the innovation of the 2020s may be a boom in “hybrid” power plants. A typical hybrid power plant combines electricity generation with battery storage at the same location. That often means a solar or wind farm paired…


Off the Grid: A Stylish, Low-Impact Retreat in Sonoma by Charles de Lisle

San Francisco designer Charles de Lisle needs no introduction among the design cognoscenti. He’s been the arbiter of cool for a couple of decades in the Bay Area, orchestrating interiors for local luminaries as well as far-flung clients. And he’s on the 2022  AD 100 list, the holy grail for designers.But the project we most admire is his own Sonoma retreat—a simple yet sophisticated compound featuring repurposed, reclaimed, and eco-friendly elements—which he shares with his partner Ralph Dennis, a designer with Studio Volpe.Let’s take a tour:Photography by Eric Petschek.Go SolarAbove: De Lisle installed solar panels and sourced vintage windows from…


Fixing a Rotted Permanent Wood Foundation

A GBA reader named Jason is seeking advice for a permanent wood foundation (PWF) that’s been subjected to ponding surface water and is now leaking.The original dampproofing appears to be an asphaltic material that was sprayed or brushed on when the house was built in British Columbia 40 years ago. Located in climate zone 7A, the structure has a fully developed basement, insulated with R-20 fiberglass batts between the 2×6 studs, protected with what Jason describes as a “light” vapor barrier, and finished with drywall. There’s no sign of mold, but there are indications that water has been seeping through…


Realistic to Avoid Glycol in Monobloc ATWHP?

Hello All… looking to renovate the heating system in my ’50’s Cape in Z5A (CT).  Currently we have electric resistance baseboard (yikes!), and I initially planned to install propane tanks and a hydronic system powered by a condensing boiler.  Now that the world is coming to an end (tongue in cheek) due to propane and fossil fuels I’m going to resist the urge to do the cheapest option and do the forward-looking option.  So.  I’m determined to incorporate  ATWHP heating into my house, and I have questions for the community.  First off, I understand the importance of insulating and air-sealing…


Current Obsessions: Savoring Summer

This weekend, we here on the Remodelista team are savoring every last drop of August (with summer sales and impromtu outdoor gatherings) and looking ahead to what’s next, like exhibits and showrooms to visit in California, London, and Kyoto and more.Take a look:Above: Styling by Hilary Robertson and photograph by Dana Gallagher from a Remodelista summer favorite: An Antiques Dealer’s Clean and Simple Family Retreat on Shelter Island.Spotted: Everlane favorites, curated by none other than Gardenista contributor Sophia Moreno-Bunge.Browsing the offerings from Reclassic, Skagerak’s collection of pre-loved finds (now including accessories).And Julie is admiring the Rugosa collection, the work of Kalon and…

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