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Regular Rental No More: 7 Ideas to Steal from a 200-Square-Foot Studio in Brooklyn (DIY Closet Included)

When this teeny-tiny apartment appeared on my Instagram feed, the first thing that caught my attention was its airiness and abundant light. The second thing was the kitchen. Beyond the thoughtful layout and fittings, just barely viewable in the background, was the average rental kitchenette, the kind that comes with so many New York apartments, familiar to anyone who’s ever lived in one.Despite standard-fare rental bones, Katie Hovland’s second-floor walk-up in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn feels far more spacious than it is (it’s 200 square feet, counting that kitchen and the bath). But it almost wasn’t that way. “I found my studio…


Exhausting 2 baths with 6″ ducting through one 4″ soffit vent

Will I get too much back pressure if I try to exhaust two bathrooms with a 200 cfm fan using 6 in ducting but terminating in a 4″ soffit vent or roof jack? I ask because while it’s easy to find a 6″ roof jack it’s not so easy to find a suitable 6″ soffit vent. https://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/question/exhausting-2-baths-with-6-ducting-through-one-4-soffit-vent


Kitchen of the Week: Ikea Fittings and Soft Light in a Roman Kitchen

How to invite light, serenity, and a sense of play to even the smallest urban spaces? For this week’s City Sense issue, we’re traveling, virtually, to Rome to take notes from Studio Strato, a firm that pairs apartment living with the feeling that you’re anywhere but.Italian architects Vincenzo Tattolo and Martino Fraschetti infuse spaces with a sense of respite, even escape. (Just see this open and color-blocked apartment in Rome’s Testaccio district and a top-floor apartment that feels much more like a villa on the Mediterranean, both evidence of the magic they work in city spaces.) But a favorite is…


Best Products for Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels

Kitchen and Bath Remodeling Products Perfect Fit Small yet mighty, this workstation sink measures just 15 inches square. Made of 16-gauge stainless steel, its inserts include a colander, a basket strainer, and this sapele-wood cutting board. A great solution where space is tight or as a secondary prep sink. Siena Bar Prep RV Sink, $289; ruvati.com Left: Suite Deal | Courtesy Veron Appliances; Right: Multifunction Microwave | Courtesy Sharp Suite Deal From an Italian company that made its name with stylish pro-style ranges: Get one as part of a four-piece Energy Star–rated suite—a 30-inch range, vent hood, fridge, and dishwasher—all…


Before and After: Create an Outdoor Relaxation Zone

This article appeared in the Summer 2022 issue of This Old House Magazine. Click here to learn how to subscribe. Where a mild climate allows outdoor living year round, a thoughtfully designed yard can double your living space. That was precisely the case for Kelly and Jeff Mindell, who bought their 1930s Los Angeles bungalow in part for the good-size backyard. But the existing lot was “a wasteland,” Jeff recalls—and unsafe for their young son, with a decrepit pergola and defunct in-ground hot tub. BEFORE: The broken hot tub was a hazard as well as an eyesore. With the tub…


OK Flat roof insulation assembly (R value related)

Hi All, thanks for any forthcoming help and opinions! Zone 4, close to 5, NJ  Possibly getting the chance to install a new TPO + Rigid insulation on the exterior deck of my row house flat roof in the coming weeks.  The company I am working with typically does 2 layers of 1 inch poly iso with offset seams for r10 CI on the roof deck. If I want to add fiberglass below the deck, to avoid condensation is it safe to assume I need to stick around the r13 level of insulation to be safe and avoid condensation issues?…

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