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Tiny House Floor Assembly

I am remodeling a tiny house that was not built up to standards. I have a question about the floor assembly. The floor deck was framed with 2x4s with eps foam between the joists and aluminum 4×8 sheets glued to the bottom of the joists. No can foam was used between the foam joints and framing. There is 3/4″ subfloor nailed and glued to the top of  joists. Can condensation occur on aluminum sheets beneath the joists? I do not want to remove subfloor and air seal the eps foam with can foam, and would rather apply spray foam to…


Current Obsessions: Golden Hour

Ahead as April turns to May: an upstate maker’s market, a botanical exhibition in London, and more. Read on:Above: A sunny ceiling in Casa Josephine: A Design Couple’s Country House and B&B in Rioja, Spain. Photograph by Iñigo Aragon.New Yorkers: Stop into Guild & Grange, a three-day marketplace featuring artisans at the John Jay Homestead in Katonah, New York, plus workshops on beekeeping, wine-making, gardening, and more. Head to Guilt & Grange for tickets.For sale: what just might be the earliest documented piece of furniture from America, once owned “by a badass, famous and successful woman.”We’re admiring Plant Explorations, The…


Insulating a very goofy wall

Hi Folks,  I have a very goofy situation I’m trying to resolve.  Someday maybe I can build new and build right, but for now I have to solve problems inherited from others.  Here’s a long explanation of the situation, but the short question is how much should I worry about condensation in a wall that can’t dry very easily, and should I scrimp on insulation in it because of that concern? I have an exterior wall of about 40 square feet in a first floor bathroom, behind a fiberglass tub and shower area.  There is a one foot drop or…


Editor’s Gift Guide: Mother’s Day Picks from Anthropologie, Under-$100 Edition

In search of something to give the mother figure in your life—or anybody in need of a little brightness these days? This spring we’re turning to Anthropologie for their assortment of well-designed housewares, self-care essentials, kitchen wares, and gifts of all sorts. Their offerings include exclusive artisan collaborations and sustainable, stylish finds made from repurposed goods—many of them so pretty they hardly need wrapping.A couple weeks back we rounded up our favorite Anthropologie gifts under $50; today we’re assembling our standout finds in the $50 to $100 range. Take a look.Above: Flowers are the go-to when it comes to Mother’s…


Dappled Light: A Slim but Poetic Townhouse on a Tree-Lined Square in Ghent, Belgium

Sometimes we come across a project that, as it turns out, we’ve all, independently, been eyeing. Such was the case with a slim, light-filled townhouse in Ghent, Belgium: When I showed a photo of the pale green, dappled-glass kitchen to Julie a while back, Alexa chimed in to say she’d bookmarked it herself.The townhouse, in its original form, was built in “the third quarter of the 19th century” on “a quiet square filled with plane trees in the very center of Ghent,” say Belgian architects (and couple) Bram Seghers and Inge Buyse of Buyse Seghers Architecten. The homeowner, a single…


Exterior Peel and Stick Membrane on ABOVE grade ICF Walls

I’m building an all ICF home in Climate Zone 5.  We’re planning to use the manufacturer recommended peel and stick waterproofing membrane before grade.  For the above grade walls, we’re also planning to install a weather resistive barrier to prevent bulk water intrusion – I’m aware of the debate about whether or not this is necessary and have decided that since there’s any debate about it, I’m just going to install one for peace of mind.  The ICF  block manufacturer doesn’t require an above grade wrb, however, they say that if you want to use one or if it’s required…

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