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Help! What ERV to use?

Looking for some input on a 2-bed 750 SF ADU in the walk-out basement under our house. Trying to figure out the best approach for ventilation/ IAQ. In climate zone 3C with an increasingly long “fire season.” Radiant heat in 4″ ins. slab. Kitchen range hood is ductless filtered recirculating. Anticipating 2 occupants max and estimating about 40 cfm. Thinking about 2 options: 1. Panasonic Intelli-Balance 100 with supply at the beds and exhaust at the bath and kitchen. or 2. Panasonic WhisperComfort 40/20 somewhere “central” and an exhaust fan at the bath.  Some questions I have: A. With option 1, would…


Object of Desire: Design-Forward Wood-Fired Soaking Tubs from Goodland

Gone are the days of clunky, unsightly hot tubs on the back deck. Recently we’ve been admiring Goodland, makers of what is arguably the most sophisticated hot tub out there.More soaking tub than whirlpool, the baths are made in Canada from 100 percent recyclable materials (Western red cedar, oak, marine-grade aluminum, and brass details) with wood-slatted recliners built in. The whole thing is also wood fired, not electric. Why? “Wood fired bathing incites the most elemental and authentic outdoor bathing experience,” the company says. Each bath heats in about 90 minutes using “an armful of fallen limbs or brush for…


A Cookery Writer Lives Here: A 232-Year-Old House in Bath Turned Holiday Let

Remodelista contributor Nell Card first uncovered the design-led holiday retreat in Bath called The Curator’s Apartment, renovated during lockdowns in 2020, and ever since we’ve pored over the way the design of each room conveys personality and story—in that case, of a fictional curator “who loves a mixture of the old and the new and would have more traditional forms of art hanging on the walls as well as more gallery-like installations,” creator, designer, and property developer Tina Liu told Nell at the time.Two years later, we were intrigued to see that Liu has now expanded her rental offerings into…


Zoning Variable Speed Ducted Minisplit

Contractor is pitching a ducted minisplit ducted multi position air handler (SVZ Mitsubishi model). Is there anyway to zone this system? He says no because it’s a variable speed and can’t modulate around zoning. apparently going with 2 smaller horizontal ducted units is much more expensive.  https://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/question/zoning-variable-speed-ducted-minisplit


Cedar Breather with Asphalt Shingles

I don't have any personal experience with asphalt shingles over cedar breather, but I have plenty of experience with asphalt shingle gone wrong. Seen too many installations on spaced sheathing, presumably when someone replaced the original cedar shakes without laying down some solid sheathing for the asphalt shingles. The asphalt sags into the spaces, looks like crap, and doesn't shed water as intended. By the time I am involved there is plenty of moisture damage below.My guess is that since the cedar breather has some give to it, best case scenario is that the roof ends up looking bumpy. I…


Object of Desire: The Elemental Manico Chair

Meet Giuseppe Arezzi’s Manico armchair, a comfortable distant cousin of the director’s chair (with a passing resemblance to the butterfly chair, too). Arezzi says he dreamed up the framework seat 10 years ago for a competition in which Sicilian designers were asked to come up with a piece of furniture inspired by Sicily.“I decided to tell the story of the transition from traditional agriculture, which used manual tools, such as hoes and rakes, to contemporary agriculture, which makes use of increasingly sophisticated machinery,” explains Arezzi. “The Manico armchair, built with the handles of tools that are no longer used, is…

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