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Data Logging: Types of Monitoring

This is the third post in a four-part series covering the topic of data logging in terms of Home Applications, Products and Performance, Types of Monitoring, and Indoor Air Quality. There are sensors and loggers for all kinds of measurements in residential buildings. One of the most useful measurements is wood moisture content. This can be done by measuring portions of a building and/or measuring the wood going into a building during construction. Wood takes up and releases moisture slowly and can be a useful means for monitoring long-term changes in moisture levels within an assembly—typically the thing we’re most…


10 Easy Pieces: Classic Modern Wood Stools

Stools: our nomination for most useful furniture item. Invaluable as impromptu drinks tables, overflow seating at the dinner table, as boosters for rummaging in high cabinets. Here are ten classics: Above: The Max Bill Ulm Stool is $370 at Nova68. Above: The Eames Walnut Stool, available in 3 different shapes (shown in Shape C), is $1,295 at Design Within Reach. Above: Designed by Kari Vitanen for Nikari, the Arte Biennale Stool comes in Oak. Contact Danish Design Store for price and ordering information. Above: The Skagerak Fionia Stool, designed by Jens Quistgaard, comes in Teak; $336 at Finnish Design Shop.…


Remodelista Greatest Hits 2021: 8 Lessons from Gillian Lawlee’s Anti-Trendy LA Cottage

“Mere colour can speak to the soul in a thousand different ways,” Oscar Wilde once wrote. Stylist Gillian Lawlee referenced the quote in a post on her popular Instagram account, my.life.in.colour, and if you’re a follower, as I am, then you know exactly why she chose it. Gillian is a lover of color and a believer in its power to shift and soothe moods, and her account documents her joyfully saturated home and other similarly ebullient interiors. She is also, like the famous writer, Irish by birth (“Cork Girl Living in LA” is how she describes herself in her bio).…


Steal This Look: A Trend-Proof Kitchen in a Georgian Renovation in London

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New Ratings Industry Helps Home Buyers Assess Climate Risks

As climate change fuels large-scale natural disasters, the real estate mantra of “location, location, location” is taking on new meaning. In 2021, homeowners have contended with threats including paralyzing cold on the Great Plains, wildfire evacuations in the West and flooding from the South to New York City and New England. Buying a house is complicated enough in a market that has become supercharged in many U.S. cities. Emerging climate change risks will further complicate those decisions. Investors will be less likely to regret their decisions if they do due diligence in researching local climate risks. Mortgage lenders will face…


Simple and Effective Mechanical Ventilation

Josh Oduin is in Leavenworth, WA, talking about adding an HRV for balanced ventilation in his new cabin. He walks us through his reasoning for choosing the Lunos E2 HRV over a typical ducted system. The Lunos E2 is a collection of simple components. Most of the work is done by a constantly reversing pair of fans and heat exchangers that eliminate the need for the complicated heat-transfer components found inside typical HRVs. Josh gives a brief overview of how the units work and demonstrates the basic steps of installation. _________________________________________________________________________ Josh Oduin is a remodeler based in Portland, Oregon.…

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