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Holiday Decor 2021: Bolder, Brighter Stockings

Of all the holiday trimmings, I am particularly fond of stockings. Stocking stuffers—tiny treats both indulgent and practical—are invariably more exciting to me come Christmas morning than any bigger present under the tree. And hung by the chimney (or, in our case, from an old disused mantel), stockings themselves add a sense of anticipation and festivity in the weeks before. That’s particularly true of the sophisticated collection we’re noting this year, some maximalist and patterned, many made from scrap fabric or re-used blankets, all in saturated, vibrant hues—a compelling case for moving beyond the standard red and green. Take a…


It’s Now Time to Electrify Everything

This post originally appeared at Yale Environment 360. For too long, the climate solutions conversation has been dominated by the supply-side view of the energy system: What will replace coal plants? Will natural gas be a bridge fuel? Can hydrogen power industry? These are all important questions, but, crucially, they miss half the equation. We must bring the demand side of our energy system to the heart of our climate debate. The demand side is where humans, households, and voters live. It is where we use machines on a daily basis, and where the choices about what kind of machines…


14 Best Pergola Lighting Ideas

A pergola adds a stylish touch to your garden and could be the best addition you make to your outdoor living space. Whether entertaining friends or just relaxing with family, having the perfect lighting for the occasion is a must. 14 Easy Pergola Lighting Ideas Here we share fourteen ideas to take your pergola from dark to dazzling in very little time. Paper Lanterns Ryann Ford Made of thin paper covering a wire framework, paper lanterns come in all colors and sizes. Illuminated from the inside, they provide a soft glow over the surrounding area. For safety’s sake, it’s best…


Shower Waterproofing

Josh Oduin is known for his great tilework, and on his personal cabin project in Leavenworth, Wash., he’s getting an opportunity do some of that work for himself. Like in most jobs, the quality of the finished product relies on well-executed prep work. In this video Josh highlights the key steps he takes to prepare a shower for tile, including waterproofing the walls and building the shower pan. He’ll demonstrate how he seals the wall and floor seams with special premade corners and waterproofing tape set in thinset, and he will explain why he prefers to install the waterproof membrane…


Current Obsessions: After the Feasts

Weekend sales, two new books, pop-ups in New York, London, and California, and more this post-holiday weekend: Above: A glimpse of this week’s before and after story: The House on Dolphin Street: A Remodeling Tale of Tenacity and High Style. Photograph courtesy of Russell Loughlan. Margot is eagerly awaiting Never Waste a Good Crisis, a new book by international organization What Design Can Do, featuring “31 creative optimists who are working to reinvent our relationship with waste.” Longtime Remodelista favorites Henry Street Studio is having their annual winter ceramics sale next week, December 2-3 from 11 a.m. to 7:30 p.m.…

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