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Current Obsessions: October Palette

The Remodelista team’s picks for sales, goings-on, and new products we’re admiring, straight ahead: Above: Photograph from Like Walking Through a Sonnet: A Serene East Sussex Barn by Cassandra Ellis. Photograph via Light Locations. This weekend: an outdoor art show in western MA, reachable by canoe or kayak only. Mark your calendars: Nickey Kehoe’s fall sale begins online next Friday, October 15th, including their in-house products and one-of-a-kind vintage finds, too. Margot let us know about London-based lighting designer Michael Anastassiades’ new sofa and other upholstered furniture, Middleweight, just introduced at Three Days of Design in Copenhagen. The chronicles of…


Trend Alert: Taper Candles in Surprising Hues

As part of my ongoing quest for more candles in my day-to-day life, I recently stocked up on a selection of colorful tapers—in cantaloupe, cerulean, and chartreuse—from Sugar Tools in Camden, Maine. I must have been subliminally inspired by the candles in bright hues appearing all over the place lately. Set in antique candlesticks, on the table, or on a mantel, a pair of colorful tapers adds an element of surprise and playfulness (and an inexpensive, commitment-free dose of color). Take a look: Above: A low-commitment contrast: We like this simple tangerine-colored taper in an otherwise cool-toned kitchen. Photograph from…


Balanced Whole-House Ventilation

Jack Hébert, the founder of the Cold Climate Housing Research Center, is credited with a phrase that’s becoming increasingly familiar to high-performance builders: “Build tight, ventilate right.” It means that as houses get tighter and better insulated, the need for well-designed mechanical ventilation gets more compelling. At its simplest, this means using kitchen and bathroom fans to remove moist or particulate-laden air. In this exhaust-only approach, outside air finds its way into the building via gaps in the building enclosure. Supply-only ventilation works the other way: fans bring fresh air into the house but there’s no dedicated path for stale…


An Antique Gem in West Roxbury | See Before Photos of Season 43’s Project

When homeowners Robyn and Derek bought their home on a quiet Boston street nine years ago, it was as though time had stood still for decades. Originally built on farmland in 1894, the house was the first one-family erected in the new subdivision. Will the crew be able to bring the house up to the lifestyle standards of the 2020s? This Old House Crew Arrives Meg Reinhardt The This Old House crew, including Tom Silva, Jenn Nawada, Richard Trethewey, and Kevin O’Connor, are on the scene to inspect the latest project of season 43. Entry into the Past Meg Reinhardt…


The Ratio Rule for Hybrid Roof Insulation

If you want in-depth coverage of the intricacies of insulating roofs, whether the insulation is on top of the roof deck, on the underside, or both, Martin Holladay has lots of information for you here at GBA. As I’ve been writing a book on this stuff lately, I’ve been working hard to get at the essence of the principles of building science and their applications, and that includes these hybrid roof assemblies. One of the terms that’s tossed around in discussions of this topic is “ratio rule,” so today I’ll give you just the basic facts about it. If you…


How to Choose and Plant Ground Cover

Project details Skill 1 out of 5 Easy Digging is minimum and the plants are small Cost About $100 to $400 Estimated Time 4 to 6 hours In this video, This Old House landscape contractor Roger Cook shares tips for selecting, planting and growing low-maintenance ground cover. How to Choose Ground Cover Use a spade fork to loosen and turn over the soil in the garden bed. Spread 2 inches of compost over the bed, and then turn it into the soil with a spade fork. Sprinkle starter fertilizer over the bed and lightly rake it into the soil. Use…

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