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Purified Wastewater Now Figures in Conservation Plans in the West

Editor’s note: This story is part of a four-part series—“Hotter, Drier, Smarter: Managing Western Water in a Changing Climate”—about innovative approaches to water management in the U.S. West and Western tribal nations. It was originally posted at Ensia and is republished here with permission. For decades, water officials in San Diego, realizing the city was facing an ever-drier future, have worked to make the idea of what’s known as “direct potable reuse,” or DPR, more palatable to residents. In the 1990s, that turned into an uphill battle. The technology delivers purified wastewater to customers’ faucets without an environmental buffer—such as…


Object of Desire: A New Line of Table Linens from Colour Squatters in the UK

Spotted (and admired): a new collection of graphic table linens from Colour Squatters, a collaboration between interior designer Jill Macnair and textiles designer Pablo Di Francesco. “We wanted to promote the idea of inclusivity in our work,” they say, “which led us to focus on the table—a place where people from all cultures congregate. For our first collection, inspiration comes from multiple genres, such as architecture, art, food, fashion, and travel.” Colour Squatters has environmental cred:  As they say, “Our fabric is GOTS certified, which means it’s organic, nontoxic, and has been made in an ethical environment. The dyes are…


Best Home Office Layouts for Productivity

Working from home has become a reality for many—no longer a pandemic stopgap but a preference. However, as WFHers may have realized, plopping down on the sofa with a laptop isn’t the best strategy. Dedicating space to a more functional office setup may be long overdue, and since a spare room may not be available, a common area such as the dining room, living room, bedroom, or kitchen may have to do double duty. Read on for logical, comfortable home office layouts, plus tips for necessities like lighting and electronics, so that you can foster creativity, boost productivity, and maintain…


California in Cambridge: A Boston House Remodel By Barbara Bestor and Carter Design

In San Francisco, they’re known as Painted Ladies. In Cambridge, Massachusetts, there isn’t a name for the preferred—and, if you ask us, far more compelling—Victorian house palette: exteriors in severe blacks, charcoals, and grays offset by front doors in wild lipstick shades like Lilac and Vixen Red. LA architect Barbara Bestor of Bestor Architecture knows and appreciates this Boston tradition—she herself grew up in Cambridge. Her client, Doug Zell, the peripatetic cofounder of Intelligentsia Coffee, brings an outsider’s interest to local ways—and an inclination to loosen things up. The divorced father of one came to town a few years ago…


The BS* + Beer Show: Sheet Goods as Air Barriers

This episode of the BS* + Beer show—with surprise guest Jake Bruton—tackles the topic of sheet goods as air barriers. The consensus is that, yes, sheet goods can make good air barriers, although there are many different approaches, and some are more reliable than others. The conversation covers how best to measure cubic footage, the origin of ACH50 as a standard measurement for air leakage (and whether or not using it is a logical approach), how to detail transitions and penetrations, selecting and air-sealing windows and doors, and much more. Enjoy the show! [embedded content] Join us on October 7…


Current Obsessions: Autumn Forecast

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