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Expert Advice: 5 Tips for Elevating Interiors with Transitional Design

Call it the happy medium of home design: where style-forward meets comfortable, considered meets easy. To us, it’s the sweet spot, with interiors that feel cohesive but not too “done.” One element that can help to achieve that perfect balance? Flooring, which sets the tone for interiors and effortlessly ties together spaces within the home. It’s a designer’s trick to use timeless wood floors to create a traditional but unfussy look. Flooring from Carlisle Wide Plank Floors, for example, mixes artisan craftsmanship, plenty of character, and the organic texture of wood with clean lines and the modern simplicity of wide…


Climate Change is an Infrastructure Problem

Most of America’s 107,000 gas stations can fill several cars every five or 10 minutes at multiple pumps. Not so for electric vehicle chargers—at least not yet. Today the U.S. has around 43,000 public EV charging stations, with about 106,000 outlets. Each outlet can charge only one vehicle at a time, and even fast-charging outlets take an hour to provide 180-240 miles’ worth of charge; most take much longer. The existing network is acceptable for many purposes. But chargers are very unevenly distributed; almost a third of all outlets are in California. This makes EVs problematic for long trips, like…


Object of Desire: Subtly Ombré Rugs in Vibrant Hues from Revival

Choosing a rug is, in our estimation, one of the trickiest design conundrums. What size is best? What color? And perhaps most vexing: neutral and solid or patterned and graphic? We’re longtime admirers of Revival’s one-of-a-kind, restored vintage rugs as well as their original, off-the-loom designs inspired by traditional techniques. Now, their newest collection strikes just the right balance between patterned and solid: not too busy but far from plain. Revival’s new Ombré Collection features cut-pile rugs made from 100 percent Sardinian wools on a cotton foundation, all in subtle color gradients that fade lengthwise across each of the rugs,…


The BS* + Beer Show: All About Rainscreens

This episode of the BS* + Beer show features industry giant John Straube talking “All About Rainscreens.” There are so many variables involved in correctly detailing the air gap behind cladding, and John lays out many of them—including climate zone, siding type, substrate material, and, most importantly, objective. He addresses the questions: How much of a gap is needed for drainage? How does the potential for wildfire influence gap size? Is the expense of the assembly worthwhile or would that money be better spent elsewhere? What is a pressure-equalized rainscreen? How much of a concern is interior vapor diffusion? What…


Using Wood-Fiber Exterior Insulation for a Net-Zero Construction

With our wall assembly here, we have the 2×8 framing, which is going to get dense-packed full of cellulose. And then we have exterior rigid wood-fiber insulation from Steico that goes onto the building. We really like this stuff because it’s carbon-storing and because it’s very permeable, which allows moisture to pass freely through the assembly. Specific heat capacity It also has another benefit that we’re really just starting to understand, which is called specific heat capacity. Some materials have an inherent need for energy in order to raise their temperature. In other words, it takes more energy to raise…


Trend Alert: Mixed Messages, Tabletop Edition

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