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Vancouver Stands Firm in Move Toward Zero-Emissions Building

Vancouver’s quest to become Canada’s greenest city remains on track after the city council rejected a request to delay the start of a zero-emissions building requirement by a year. In a letter to the Vancouver City Council on June 1, City Manager Paul Mochrie cited long permitting delays complicated by the pandemic as he proposed a one-year delay in enforcing zero-emission regulations that were to begin at the start of 2022. But the council voted June 9 to stick with the plan. “Approximately 70 speakers came to City Council to make their voices heard that climate action cannot be delayed…


How to Add Drawers to a Mobile Workbench

Project details Skill 1 out of 5 Easy Estimated Time 4 hours In the first two parts of this series, I built the functional base and an organizer to give a few of my tools a permanent home. In this video, I’ll demonstrate a simple method to build drawers, another way we’re adding storage to the Ultimate Mobile Workbench. For the cut list, tools, and materials needed for this project, scroll down to the bottom of this page. Steps for Adding Drawers to a Workbench Jenn Largesse First, determine the number of drawers you want to add. I thought about…


Cult Vinegar, a Labor of Love in the UK

It’s impossible not to be charmed by the exuberance of Jonathan Brown, who once ran a food blog called “Around Britain with a Paunch” and says he has loved food and wine since a young age. By day he works in advertising, but in his spare time he operates his specialty line Cult Vinegar with his wife, Sarah. “I’ve become fascinated (or my wife would say obsessed) by fermenting and culturing food. From sourdough bread, to kimchi, to pickled artichokes, to making vinegar from the dregs of wine and leftover cider—it seems almost anything can be made more tasty and…


No. 1 Bruton: A Hotel in a 500-Year-Old Property in Somerset

Ever since Julie stumbled on the lodgings at No. 1 Bruton in the tiny, design-forward town of Bruton in Somerset, I’ve been studying their guest rooms for an education in soft but cheerful palettes. The hotel is set in a series of preserved old buildings: a row of cottages, a Georgian townhouse, and a medieval forge. All told, the property has been in use for over 500 years, the No. 1 Bruton site notes. Now in its latest iteration, historic exposed beams and stone floors mix with doses of color, ticking stripes, and Morris textiles in the 12 guest quarters.…


Choosing Low-Carbon Insulation

The insulation choices we make can significantly impact the amount of embodied carbon that is in our construction projects. Last year, I set about determining how much of an impact different materials have. I also wanted to find a way to make the materials selection process easier for others.  The lifecycle “cost” of carbon involved in building construction can be measured by the global warming potential (GWP) associated with the manufacturing and use of each building component. This is measured in carbon dioxide equivalence (CO2e). My focus was specifically on insulation, which is a product that customers and contractors generally…


How to Create a Dutch Door

Project details Skill 3 out of 5 Moderate Estimated Time 3 hours Steps for creating a Dutch door With the door still hung in the jamb, mark where the cut for Dutch door will be. Use that as a guide to mark for two additional hinges above and below the cut mark. Mortise the door where the new hinges will go with a chisel. Scoring around the mark with a utility knife can help prevent the door from chipping or cracking. Once the hinges can fit flush against the door, attach the hinges to the door using a drill and…

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