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Comfort Goes Outside: The First Outdoor Furniture Collection from Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

Indoors, particularly these days, we aim for comfort, ease, and versatility. Now that we’re into the seasons of lounging, dining, and gathering outdoors, we want to outfit our gardens and yards with furniture that’s every bit as comfortable and high-quality as the furnishings in our living rooms. Enter Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams’ first outdoor collection, which brings the North Carolina-based furniture makers’ ethos of comfort, sustainability, and style to the porch, patio, and poolside. “As homes increasingly become seamless multi-functional spaces, the outdoor area is as important as any room in the home,” says Allison O’Connor, CEO of MG+BW.…


Enter to Win Up to $500 Toward Minimalist, Thoughtful Storage Essentials from Yamazaki Home

Buy fewer (and better) things; consider beauty as well as function: Our edicts for interiors extend to storage solutions, too. We believe that good-looking, well-designed essentials keep the house in order and make for better living. So does Yamazaki Home, which is why we turn to them for thoughtful, meticulously designed organizational finds and simple essentials. (See our first post on them here.) Inspired by life in Japan, the company believes that mindful design can make small improvements in how you use your space. We like their modern, minimalist solutions for making the most of small spaces and their knack…


Utilitario Mexicano: A Shop Devoted to Useful Wares and “Objects in Danger of Extinction”

Utilitario Mexicano uses two words to describe its approach: util sólamente, useful only. What began as an unexpected opportunity—to settle a debt for design work, creative couple Enrique Arellano and Libia Moreno were offered a pop-up space—has turned into a passion project. Enrique, a graphic designer, and Libia, a textile designer, had moved to Mexico City from Colombia, and fallen in love with the everyday objects at local markets. And so, for their overnight emporium, they decided to become “street curators” and showcase their favorites: things like enamelware mugs, aluminum funnels, stove sandwich toasters, and rose-colored lightbulbs, all made in…


In Europe, Backlash Grows Over Incinerating Garbage

This post originally appeared at Yale Environment 360. For decades, Europe has poured millions of tons of its trash into incinerators each year, often under the green-sounding label “waste to energy.” Now, concerns about incineration’s outsized carbon footprint and fears it may undermine recycling are prompting European Union officials to ease their long-standing embrace of a technology that once seemed like an appealing way to make waste disappear. The EU is in the process of cutting off funding for new incinerators, but there’s little sign that most existing ones—currently consuming 27% of the bloc’s municipal waste—will close any time soon.…


A Designer on the Up: Emmanuel Olunkwa, at Home in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn

When I first met Emmanuel Olunkwa in 2015, he had been in New York for about a year and was working as an intern at Comme des Garçons while pursuing an undergraduate degree at The New School. Since then, he’s held several different jobs in art, fashion, film, and photography. As Emmanuel writes on his website, his work as a director, designer, and writer “brings deep study and surprising connection across culture, fashion, urban landscape, and social ecology.” Fast forward to 2021: after a stint as an assistant to a major Hollywood producer and then as an editor at Artforum,…


The BS* + Beer Show: Residential to Commercial–What Can We Learn?

This episode of the BS* + Beer show features Doug Horgan, Bob Kovacs, and Rick Thomas discussing ideas for how the commercial construction industry can inform the residential building sector. What can we learn and adopt? Doug names a dozen or so strategies/methods/approaches taken in commercial work that he views as useful and applicable to residential projects, including: the Integrated Design Process; architects and engineers as stakeholders in a building’s constructibility; building education—specifically that offered by the Building Enclosure Council; low-slope roofing; deck and reverse-side waterproofing; oversize and atypical foundations; working with metal studs; and large-scale HVAC mechanicals. Conversely, he…

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