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Servpro Carpet Cleaning Review 2020

Over time, every carpet becomes worn, dirty, and—if you have pets—at least a little foul-smelling. It may be tempting to head to the store and purchase a carpet cleaner, but it can be hard to gauge the exact type you need. You can save yourself a trip by hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. Choosing the best carpet cleaning service for your needs can be tricky since companies can differ in terms of types of carpet cleaning, cost, availability, quality of customer service, and more. The This Old House Reviews team wants to make the process easier for you, so…


The BS* + Beer Show: High Performance in the City

This episode features Michael Anschel, Michael Ingui, and Trevor Hults talking about high-performance design and construction in the city environment. We hear about the innumerable complexities that force architects—and even more so, builders—to become masters of logistics. There are the hours of sitting in traffic to move five miles, the half hour more to find parking, the problems related to accessing the site and getting materials into the house, the impossible number of required permits, the restrictive design guidelines, the complications of construction debris removal, the threat of theft . . . the list is long and nightmarish, and each…


Current Obsessions: Holiday Weekend

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Mobile Workbench with Clamp Rack

Project details Skill 1 out of 5 Easy Estimated Time 2 hours Throughout this series, I’ve shown you a number of ways to customize the ultimate mobile workbench. In this video, I finish up our workspace, by demonstrating a simple way to add a clamp rack to its endcap. Although you’ll want to go for a layout that works best for you, read on to see how I created this portion of the workbench to suit the tools in my workstation. For the cut list, tools, and materials needed for this project, scroll down to the bottom of this page.…


Mobile Workbench with Downdraft Sanding Station

Project details Skill 1 out of 5 Easy Estimated Time 2 hours I just finished installing a basic dust collection system inside my mobile workbench, so in this video, I’ll demonstrate how I added a built-in downdraft sanding station that can easily be capped for more workspace when not in use. To create it, I’m installing a box with a pegboard on top to allow sawdust to filter down and an opening below to attach a hose to my shop vac. For the cut list, tools, and materials needed for this project, scroll down to the bottom of this page.…


The Al Fresco Summer Table: Italian Linens and Candles from Angela Mugnai

Julie recently sent me a link to the online “emporium” of Tuscany-born, London-based stylist and creative consultant Angela Mugnai, stocked with Mugnai’s favorite finds from the UK and her native Italy. What piqued our interest were whimsically ornate candles, handmade in Tuscany with intricate curls, loops, and twists in soft, romantic colorways. Then I noticed the selection of gingham, checked, and flowered table linens with fabrics from an Italian company that’s been in business since 1919—perfect for the summer table. Take a look: Above: The Blue Tyrol Placemats Gift Set (£37) comes with patterned blue placemats, red gingham napkins, and…

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