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The BS* + Beer Show: Playing With Fire: Indoor Combustion

This episode of the BS* + Beer show features engineers Sonia Barrantes, Kristof Irwin, and Brian Ault discussing the topic of indoor combustion—particularly wood-burning—in super-tight homes. Their bottom line? Don’t do it. However, if unavoidable, you’ll want to see their presentation, as it explains the finer points of doing it right. Enjoy the show! [VIDEO]  Join us on Thursday, April 29, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. EST when Scott Dionne, Shaun St-Amour, Will Grupenhof, and Jim Muhaw will talk about wood-fiber insulation—the various products available and their properties, applications, sources, costs, and current and potential future role in the residential…


Current Obsessions: Earth Week

Mending, the eco-conscious kitchen garden, a whole-food cookbook, and more on our minds this spring weekend: Above: Photograph by Sandy Suffield from A Shopkeeper’s 1930s Family Home in Winchester, England. In celebration of Earth Day, we’re reminded of Tree FM, through which you can “tune into forests around the world.” We’re all eager to get our hands on a copy of Super Natural Simple, vegetarian recipes from Remodelista favorite Heidi Swanson. Just in time for warm weather: Brooklyn-based Quiet Town has come out with its first line of bath and beach towels, made in Turkey of organic cotton in five pleasingly…


Bright Spot: Vaisselle, a London-Born, Spanish-Made Ceramics Line, Created During Lockdown

Lately I have been finding myself drawn, against all odds, towards cheerful yellows and periwinkle blues, ginghams and Liberty florals—a deviation from my usual style that I suspect has something to do with the dreariness of the past year. Evidently I’m not the only one yearning for color these days. Recently, browsing through the online shop of English department store The Hambledon (whose owner’s family home we featured last fall), I stumbled upon Vaisselle, a line of brightly patterned vases, bowls, pitchers, and plates helmed by a French designer in London, all handmade and hand-painted by a family of artisans…


Heat Pumps, Auxiliary Heat, and Resilience

What happened in Texas this winter has a lot of people thinking about our dependence on electricity and what happens when the power goes out in extreme weather. Recently I wrote about Gary Nelson’s house in Minneapolis that’s heated by a heat pump with no auxiliary heat. That spurred this comment from reader Rich Lovoie: Heat pumps are great. I have two in my house. I use them to avoid using my oil heating system in mild weather. However, as an HVAC contractor, I also know how sophisticated heat pumps can be, and how unskilled most HVAC techs are. This…


A Photo Studio in Taipei City Furnished with Atmospheric Old Finds

Taiwanese interior designer Kuan Chun,Cheng of Homework is a collector. Drawn to patinated and soulful old things, he’s made it a practice of filling his interiors with found objects gathered locally and in his travels. Thanks to the spillover, his practice runs a sideline vintage business online and out of the firm’s Taipei workspace. Still more favorite pieces have made their way into the nearby Homework photo studio, a space in a 1967 apartment building that Kuan Chun and his team fell in love with a few years ago thanks to its oblique shape and window wall. In need of…


10 Easy Pieces: Black Pendant Lights

Black pendant lights add a hint of glamor and sophistication to a room; here are ten we like. Above: A longtime Remodelista favorite, the oversized Caravaggio Pendant Lamp designed by Cecile Manz is available in both glossy and matte black (shown); $523-$1,535 depending on size at YLighting. Above: Shown in matte black, the Verner Panton Topan Pendant VP6, now manufactured by &Tradition, is $360 at Palette and Parlor. Above: From Muuto, the Grain Pendant Light in black is $209 at Design Within Reach. Above: The most economical pendant on our list is the Ikea Skurup Pendant Lamp in black for…

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