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Mark Your Calendars: Behind the Door Auction in the UK, ‘the Most Fashionable Sale of the Year’

Our London correspondent Christine Chang Hanway, a trustee of The Museum of the Home (formerly known as the Geffrye Museum), recently emailed to let us know about Behind the Door, a fundraising auction featuring more than 40 works by women artists and makers. The campaign is part of a new two-year partnership between the Museum of the Home, which explores home and home life from 1600 to the present day, and the London Homeless Collective, which focuses on women and families experiencing homelessness in the UK. Here’s what she says: “I’ve been busy during lockdown curating a wonderful collection of…


Shopper’s Diary: Singular Finds from Nora Khereddine Objects in Munich

A few weeks back we were alerted, via T magazine, to a new housewares shop in the heart of Munich: Nora Khereddine Objects. All of us were rapidly enamored, emailing back and forth from our respective houses with our wish-list finds. From Moroccan Tamegroute ceramics in impossibly dark, earthy greens to ever-so-slim taper candles, it’s the sort of shop that feels filled with unexpected discovery—all curated by Nora, a former lifestyle editor herself. Take a look at a few of her offerings: Above: A deep green, sculptural Tamegroute Candleholder #11 (€69), one of many pieces available. “The pottery workshops of…


Reflections on the Building Industry

This month, I’m going to make a little zig from my recent metrics theme. I feel compelled to put these floating thoughts into a cohesive-ish form, so bear with me for a bit of navel gazing and reflection . . . I believe that I occupy a unique position in the building industry for someone my age (38). I have 22 years of experience, a father who is a full-time contractor, and a grandfather who acted as a lightning rod for early dives into high-performance building. I don’t want to seem precocious but I feel I have an endowed sense…


Announcing the BS* + Beer Kansas City Chapter’s Second Annual Wall Assembly Competition

Well, we are at it again! Last year, the BS* + Beer Kansas City group set up a Wall Assembly Competition that we dubbed #WallAssemblySweet16—our version of March madness. The competition was held by popular vote over several weeks on Instagram.  We hadn’t planned to do it again this year, but were compelled to when Connor Malloy, an educator at George Brown College in Toronto, Ontario, reached out to say that, as an instructor in the skilled trades, he believed there was an educational opportunity at hand. He proposed a students-only competition to inspire creativity and enthusiasm among future professionals,…


Creative Ways to Use Pet Crates and Gates in Your Home

This article appeared in the Spring 2021 issue of This Old House Magazine. Click here to learn how to subscribe. Your dog loves that you’re spending more time at home these days. And sometimes a mid-afternoon game of fetch across the living room is a welcome break from work. But there are other times—if you’re out running errands or you just need some space—when it’s better to keep your pet in a trouble-free spot. Here’s how to use crates and gates to feel in control of your home. Shown Above: A good fit for smaller breeds, these mudroom base cabinets…


Pur Home: The Latest Line of All-Natural Cleaners On Our List

The latest on our ever-expanding list of earth- and health-friendly household cleaners, just in time for spring cleaning? Pur Home, a line of eco-minded, non-toxic soaps, detergents, and sprays. The project began as a one-woman quest. “I started my eco journey in 2012 when I cut my hair and went natural,” founder Angela Richardson writes on the company’s Facebook page. “As I was looking for eco hair products, I started looking at the ingredients in all of my products and wanted a better, safer alternative. After many years of using the ‘best’ on the market, I decided I wanted to…

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