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Steal This Look: A Serene Bedroom in Johannesburg

A while back we featured the Satyagraha House, a guesthouse on the property of what was Mohandas “Mahatma” Gandhi’s house in Johannesburg, South Africa, a century ago. Since many of us at Remodelista are city or near-city dwellers with countless distractions and noise pollution, we were especially drawn to the calm, light-filled bedrooms. To re-create the look, we sourced the essentials of the monastic Satyagraha bedroom. See the rest of the property in our post Serenity Now: A Guesthouse that Channels the Spirit of Gandhi. Above: Bedroom light is filtered through a set of curtains fashioned from layered cotton dhotis. Photograph via…


Commune by the Great Wall: Your Own Bamboo Palace

A tip from my Travel + Leisure hotline: If seeing the Great Wall of China is at the top of your bucket list, you can stay practically within touching distance of it, and in great style, at Commune by the Great Wall. In 2001, a dozen prominent Asian architects were invited to build their dream villas at the site. Considered a new Chinese wonder, the resort has since grown into an enclave of 40 dramatic contemporary houses, some rented by the night in their entirety, some offering hotel rooms and suites. As the magazine describes it, “In a poetic juxtaposition,…


The BS* + Beer Show: Aesthetics vs. Performance

This episode of the BS* + Beer show features three architects—James Hartford, Meri Tepper, and Robert “Bob” Swinburne—discussing the topic of Aesthetics and Performance. Bob makes the point right off the bat that the two do not need to be mutually exclusive. He talks about a few traditional details that may not make good building-science sense, such as the classic eave return found on many Northeast homes. He describes them as having “emotional draw,” and has solved their moisture-wicking potential by putting them entirely outside the OSB sheathing. Much time is spent on the topic of overhangs—with opinions on their…


Roku Acquires “This Old House,” America’s No. 1 TV Home Improvement Program

SAN JOSE, Calif. — March 19, 2021 — Roku, Inc. (NASDAQ: ROKU) announced today that it has acquired the “This Old House” business, inclusive of its global distribution rights and all of its subsidiary brands, including the “This Old House” and “Ask This Old House” TV programs, the show libraries, all digital assets, and the television production studio. “This Old House” and “Ask This Old House” were the two top-rated home improvement programs in the U.S. in 2020, according to Nielsen data, and have earned a total of 19 Emmy Awards and 102 nominations. Past seasons of “This Old House”…


A Room of One’s Own: An En Suite Retreat in Paris

Imagine an extra room becoming available in your home? The owner of this little retreat is a single father who lives with his teenaged son and 10-year-old daughter in Paris’s 19th in an art deco brick apartment building. When the large studio upstairs became available, he and the only other family living in the small building went in on it together and divided the space. The Dad envisioned his half as a bedroom/home office with a luxurious bathroom—a conversion that required considerable work. Having admired his friend Stephen O’Sullivan’s recent apartment makeover—see Order and Pattern in a Spirited Paris Remodel…


DIY: A Homemade Terrazzo Table by Heju of Paris

In the moments when they’re not running their Paris design firm, Heju, 25-year-old architects Hélène Pinaud and Julien Schwartzmann love to make things. They post their DIY inventions on the Heju blog, and Hachette in France collected them in a book, Design It Yourself: 35 Objets Design à Petits Prix et à Faire Soi-Même. One of our new favorites is the duo’s DIY terrazzo table, their poor man’s answer to the labor-intensive and pricey finish. They came up with the project after not succeeding in including terrazzo in one of their architectural commissions: frustration fueled months of thinking and testing, and led to…

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