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The BS* + Beer Show: 2nd Annual Wall Assembly Design Competition

During this episode of the BS* + Beer show we learn about the Kansas City BS* + Beer Chapter’s 2nd Annual Wall Assembly Design Competition, dubbed #WallAssemblySweet16. Guests include Connor Malloy, Joe Cook—both founders of the competition—and Christine Williamson, who is one of the judges. They talk about the inaugural competition for professional builders and architects, and the 2020 winning submissions by Ben Bogie and Jake Bruton. The competition has been revised in 2021 to promote student work and ideas. With the competition open to any skilled trade or architectural student in North America, there is a heated debate about how…


Current Obsessions: Awaiting April

Pre-loved Danish favorites, a tiny suite in Paris, and a design fundraiser for Atlanta: Here are just a few of the things that crossed our screens this week. Above: A glimpse of A London Designer’s Apartment Remodel for a Demanding Client (Her Mother). Photograph by Simon Brown, courtesy of Lonika Chande Interior Design. Design for a crucial cause: @DesignforATL, a fundraiser in support of the families of the Atlanta victims and the AAPI community, by the folks behind Tantuvi and Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, among others. Today and tomorrow are the last days to donate and enter the raffle; head…


At Home with Celebrated Architect/Designer Mao Shen Chiang in Taiwan

Taiwan-based Mao Shen Chiang considers himself “a concrete connoisseur and an architect/artist,” as well as an ardent admirer of Scandinavian furniture, which he sells at his Mori/Casa showrooms. When it came time for Chiang to design his own house, he was lucky enough to find a plot of land on the Taiwanese tropical island town of Yu-Guang in Tainan; the site is surrounded by tall trees and borders the Taiwan Strait. The raw concrete triangular structure took Chiang three years to design and three years to build, and is now a showcase for his elegant minimalism. One of his main…


Net-Zero Emissions for a Dollar a Day

Reaching carbon neutrality by the middle of the century will require a lot more solar and wind capacity as well as new transmission lines, but it can be done at a net cost of about $1 per person per day, a new report claims. Zero net emissions by 2050 will hold the rise in global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius and prevent the most damaging effects of climate change, according to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. There are a number of ways to reach that goal, the report finds, but they typically include several common strategies: higher energy efficiency,…


Shu Shu House: A Serene Mountain Retreat in Jiufen, Taiwan

In the ’90s, I studied abroad in Taiwan for a semester my junior year of college. One of the most memorable experiences I had on the island was a trip I took with fellow students to Jiufen, a mountain town not too far from Taipei. The former mining village is known for its serpentine alleys and old-fashioned teahouses, a rustic counterpoint to the urban capitol. I remember during that trip, a half dozen or so of us crammed into one room at an inn—we somehow managed to fit onto two mattresses, pushed together, atop a tatami mat floor (Japanese design…

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