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Osaka in LA: Tok Kise Brings Cult Favorite Truck Furniture to California

Back in 2007, Julie wrote about the Japanese artisanal brand TRUCK Furniture: “We’ve been admiring this Osaka-based company for a while; we’re waiting for the day when the line becomes available in the US.” More than decade later, that day has finally arrived. We first learned of the exciting development from photographer Justin Chung’s Instagram account, where we spotted images of founder Tokuhiko Kise‘s cool downtown Los Angeles loft-cum-showroom, though, truth be told, it took us a minute to figure out that they were of his new space in LA and not the original store in Osaka, so similar are…


Steal This Look: A Modern Victorian Bedroom in London

Ever since we posted on architect Paul West’s Victorian duplex in Stoke Newington, London, we’ve been thinking about the tranquil nature of two-tone white paint and the lasting appeal of modern, back-to-basics design. Here we detail the key elements of the main bedroom from furniture to finishes. Photography courtesy of The Modern House. Paul West’s Farleigh Road, London, Home in the Modern House, Bedroom Paul West’s Farleigh Road, London, Home in the Modern House, Bedroom Paul West’s Farleigh Road, London, Home in the Modern House, Bedroom Paul West’s Farleigh Road, London, Home in the Modern House, Bedroom Paint Above: The walls…


Paving With Plastic Could Help Reduce Global Waste

This post originally appeared at Yale Environment 360. Roads running through Accra, Ghana’s capital, look like any other blacktop surface. What most drivers don’t realize is that the asphalt used for some of Accra’s streets contains a slurry of plastics—shredded and melted bags, bottles, and snack wraps—that otherwise were destined for a landfill. The impetus for many similar road projects underway in Ghana was an ambitious plan announced by President Akufo-Addo in 2018. It calls for Ghanaians to strive for a circular model, to recycle and reuse as much plastic waste as they produce each year—roughly 1.1 million tons—by 2030.…


How to Fix a Loose Cabinet Door

Cabinet doors are opened and closed all day long, especially those go-to cabinets that contain snacks and glasses, so it’s no wonder that a much-used door becomes loose or starts to sag over time. With loose cabinet doors that no longer close the way they should, the best way to decide how to adjust cabinet hinges is to first determine the cause. Loose cabinet doors can be the result of: Hinge screws on the cabinet and door have loosened over time. Loose hinge holes have become stripped and are too big for the screws. The cabinet door is sagging because…


Architect David Adjaye’s Collaboration with Artist Sue Webster: The Formidable Mole House in London

There are three mirrored bays in the living area. In the middle of the space is a lumpen Max Lamb coffee table (“It’s got that Fred Flintstone thing to it”) and 20 meters of custom-made shelving. A simple kitchen is built into the end wall beyond the sofa. Above: Aside from the sofa, soft furnishings are non-existent. Above: The custom-made kitchen. “They wanted to give me cupboards, but I said just give me a shelf for artwork.” Upstairs, there is a master bedroom and a guest bedroom furnished with a sofa and a leather punch bag (Webster kick boxes). The…

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