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Kitchen of the Week: A Create-Cook-Eat Space Built on a Tight Budget

A few years ago, British artist Peter Nencini led an illustration workshop in an exhibition space that thoroughly charmed him. He and his wife, textiles designer Sally Nencini, were looking to expand and renovate their kitchen, and he thought that the architect responsible for the event space’s clever design just might be the right person for their home remodel. So he did some sleuthing, which led to Thom Brisco, a young, relatively unproven architect. Could Thom, who was able to reinvent the workshop site for just £500, handle their rather large project (convert a garage and closed-off kitchen into one…


Could Green Hydrogen Be Key to a Carbon-Free Economy?

Saudi Arabia is constructing a futuristic city in the desert on the Red Sea called Neom. The $500 billion city—complete with flying taxis and robotic domestic help—is being built from scratch and will be home to a million people. And what energy product will be used both to power this city and sell to the world? Not oil. The Saudis are going big on something called green hydrogen—a carbon-free fuel made from water by using renewably produced electricity to split hydrogen molecules from oxygen molecules. Last summer, a large U.S. gas company, Air Products & Chemicals, announced that as part…


Positioning Control Layers in a Cantilevered Floor Assembly

Cantilevered floor systems are frequently used in residential architecture. They provide an opportunity to capture additional square footage without enlarging the house’s footprint. But they can be problematic if not detailed well—leading to moisture issues and occupant discomfort. Correctly positioning the water, air, vapor, and thermal control layers is crucial. In the control layer hierarchy, bulk water management comes first. An overhanging floor system inherently protects the wall assembly below but we should still strive for appropriate water management within the wall assembly itself. In this detail, we used Zip R-6 sheathing, a type of OSB backed with 1 in.…


10 Easy Pieces: Retro Bath Sconces

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Cordless Lawn Mowers That Won’t Quit

Today, you can get about an hour—or even more—per charge. Here are three that can make one item on your to-do list a little easier. Ryobi RY40180 RUN TIME: 45 MINS. The 40-volt battery in this 20-inch-wide mower powers an efficient brushless motor and has load-sensing technology to maximize performance. Plus, it comes at a nice price. RY40180, $299; Ryobi Outdoor Products Kobalt KM2180B-06 RUN TIME: 60 MINS. Two 80-volt batteries, used sequentially, power this brushless, 21-inch-wide mower through seven cutting heights. Need to hit another patch? Each battery recharges in 30 minutes. KM2180B-06, $1,199; Amazon EGO LM2001-X RUN TIME:…


Changes in Code-Writing Rules Leave Critics Seething

The organization that publishes the country’s most influential energy conservation and building codes has proposed rule changes that would leave key decisions to a single committee while cutting thousands of government officials out of direct voting. Critics say the changes under consideration by the International Code Council (ICC) would put too much power in the hands of a building industry that has resisted requirements for more energy efficient buildings in the past. The dispute may look arcane, but the outcome will affect how the widely used International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and parts of the International Residential Code (IRC) are…

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