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A Hollywood Director’s Refined Off-the-Grid Man Cabin by Commune Design

Where does Anthony Russo—who, co-directed with his brother four Marvel movies, including the highest-grossing movie of all time, Avengers: Endgame—go to decompress? Into the wilds of Angeles National Forest in the San Gabriel Mountains, where his 1900s cabin awaits with the promise of off-the-grid solitude, Thanos-style. Russo’s stone-clad retreat was originally built as part of the U.S. Forest Services’ program to promote responsible land use. The sought-after director was captivated by the idea of having a remote place to escape to, away from the constant hum of cell phone alerts and the complexities of modern life. But while he was…


The BS* + Beer Show: Dealing With Transitions

This episode of the BS* + Beer show features industry leaders Steve Baczek and Ben Bogie discussing the topic: “Dealing With Transitions.” Steve sets the stage by noting the many applications of the word “transitions,” which leads the conversation in unexpected directions. There are the transitions we make during the course of a career; there are transitions made from architectural plans to field work; there are those that move the client, design team, and construction crew through a project; and, of course, there are the myriad transitions made when building a house—from foundation to walls to roof. Steve shares CAD…


Best Renters Insurance in Chicago (2020)

If you live in a rental home or apartment, renters insurance helps prevent you from paying out-of-pocket expenses for damaged belongings or liability claims. To help protect you from unexpected disasters, Allstate, State Farm, and Farmers all offer affordable and comprehensive renters insurance coverage to Chicago residents. To help Chicago renters choose the best renters insurance company, the This Old House Reviews team described the plans, coverage details, and pricing of the top three providers in the city. Best Renters Insurance Companies in Chicago When deciding the best renters insurance coverage for Chicago residents, our team looked at multiple factors,…


Current Obsessions: A Weekend In

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Best Renters Insurance in New Jersey (2020)

If you don’t have thousands of dollars in the bank to cover liability claims and replacements to damaged belongings, a renters insurance policy can help. For about $14 per month, you can get personal liability, medical payments to others, personal property, and loss of use coverage. Since finding the best renters insurance company for your budget and home will require some research, the This Old House Review team is here to help with this guide on New Jersey renters insurance. Best Renters Insurance Companies in New Jersey We chose and ranked the three best renters insurance companies in New Jersey…


Upstate Update: A Writer’s “Layered,” Eclectic Catskills Farmhouse, Three Years In

When we first featured the Catskills farmhouse of writer Lisa Przystup, it was the summer of 2017; the first solar eclipse in a century was about to take over the sky and cast little moon-shaped shadows on the ground; and Lisa and her husband, musician Jonathon Linaberry, then Brooklynites, had just found an 1800s farmhouse on a hilltop in Delhi, New York, to serve as their weekend escape. It became their weekend project, too: painting nearly every interior surface creamy white, DIY-ing a brass backsplash in the kitchen, knocking out some walls. We loved the thoughtful, unfussy, pared-back nature of…

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