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Garden of ‘Eden’: A New Collection by Lindsey Adelman for Calico Wallpaper

We’re longtime admirers of artist and designer Lindsey Adelman, whose sculptural, otherworldly lights grace some of our favorite homes (like this and this), so we were particularly excited to learn that she has created a new wallpaper collection for Calico Wallpaper. Dubbed “Eden,” the designs grew out of the time she spent during her self-imposed residency on Belle-Île, an island off the coast of Brittany, France. Surrounded by so much natural beauty, she and her friend took to foraging every day: “We picked strange plants, flowers, seeds, weeds, both dead and alive. Sometimes reaching into a bush to pull one stalk…


Creative Murphy Bed Ideas for Your Bedroom

The Murphy bed has come a long way since it was first designed in the late 19th century, when, as legend has it, the inventor William Murphy sought to quickly convert his studio apartment into a proper sitting room. Murphy wished to have a lady friend in his home but entertaining a woman in his bedroom would’ve been inappropriate, even scandalous—and so the hideaway Murphy bed was born. 5 Creative Murphy Bed Ideas Today, Murphy beds can be stand-alone pieces of furniture, encompass everything from desks to bookshelves, and be the center of many clever storage ideas. Let’s take a…


The White Album: 27 Serene Bedrooms in Shades of Pale

Who doesn’t long for a bedroom that acts like a lullaby? If you’re sleep-challenged—isn’t everyone these days?—consider creating your own cloud chamber. Fans of all-white bedrooms use words like “tranquil,” “blank slate,” “no distractions,” and “Zen” to describe the appeal. There’s also an automatic tidy look that comes with opting for all white: a single color creates cohesion and, like a T-shirt, can stylistically go in any direction. Too much etherealness, however, can be chilly and soporific (not necessarily in a good way). The key to a successful all-white approach is to introduce texture, slip in subtle patterns or varying…


Trump’s Showerhead Plan Is Here

In the midst of a pandemic, the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) followed up last week on President Trump’s January pledge to get “rid of the restrictors” on showerheads, part of his repeated false complaint that toilets, faucets, and other household fixtures have been ruined by federal efficiency standards. DOE proposed a rule to approve new showerheads that waste enormous amounts of water and energy, which would increase utility bills and greenhouse gas emissions. (The DOE also announced a proposal that would allow new clothes washers and dryers that waste unlimited amounts of energy and water—see ACEEE/ASAP statement in response.)…


Better Exterior Building Products | 2020 Cottage on the Cape

Cape Cod’s unforgiving climate and damp salt air were big factors in the selection of so many products we used. Here are some of the products that builder Matt Cole will be sure to use again and again. PVC Porch Materials Lukas Scott Thanks to a proprietary manufacturing process and formulation, this solid extruded PVC tongue-and-groove porch plank floor is guaranteed not to expand and contract, so it will never buckle, warp, or cup. Porch floor, ceiling, and bench by Aeratis; Assorted lumber and building products supplied by Mid-Cape Home Center Wiser Wood Trim Jared Kuzia Sourced from renowned Radiata…


DIY: A Summery Side Table by Two Young Paris Architects

Architects Hélène Pinaud and Julien Schwartzmann, the young couple behind up-and-coming Paris firm Heju, design apartments, shops, and cafes notable for their clean lines and playful pastels. After-hours, the two apply that same aesthetic to DIY projects: newly out of design school, they published the 2017 book, Design It Yourself: 35 Objets Design à Petits Prix et à Faire Soi-Même. They continue to invent—and to present their latest designs on the Heju blog. And they’ve allowed us to share some of our favorites. Today, we present their tiled tabouret, which they describe as “a small piece of furniture that will…

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