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Steal This Look: A Luminous Kitchen Renovation in Rockport, Maine

Leave it to design stars Tara Mangini and Percy Bright of Jersey Ice Cream Co. to infuse an undistinguished 2004 builder’s special (see Remade in Maine: Jersey Ice Cream Co. Upgrades a Recently Built House) with rustic charm. The reimagined kitchen has tinted plaster walls, a now-signature Jersey Ice Cream Co. feature, Shaker-style cabinets, a luxury chateau-style range, and luminescent white tile. Here are the elements for re-creating the look. Above: The kitchen is partially constructed by Jersey Ice Cream Co. and by one of the house’s original contractors, Jay Fischer of Cold Mountain Builders. Photograph from Remade in Maine: Jersey Ice Cream…


Liberty Home Guard vs American Home Shield

Looking for a comparison of Liberty Home Guard vs. American Home Shield? In this review, the This Old House Reviews team compares these two providers head-to-head on important home warranty criteria such as plans, reviews, and pricing. Continue reading for a detailed analysis of each provider and determine which offers the best home warranty. Liberty Home Guard vs. American Home Shield: Side-by-Side Comparison Provider Liberty Home Guard American Home Shield Provider Liberty Home Guard American Home Shield This Old House rating 8.6/10 9.5/10 Get a free quote Visit site Visit site Coverage options Appliance Guard, System Guard, and Total Home…


Book Club: The New Carbon Architecture

Because the hosts of the BS* + Beer Show all love to read, we thought we would celebrate the authors in our industry by adding a book club to the show every few months. We will kick it off with Bruce King’s “The New Carbon Architecture.” Here, show hosts Michael Maines, Travis Brungardt, and Emily Mottram share some general thoughts on the book in hopes of getting more GBA readers to pick up a copy in advance of the September 24, when the author will join the show. Kiley Jacques: For people unfamiliar with it, how would you summarize this idea of…


The BS* + Beer Show: The Intersection of Preservation and Performance

Following their long-lived debate around preservation and performance priorities, Fine Homebuilding’s Builder-at-Large Justin Fink and Editorial Director Brian Pontolilo sit down with architectural historian Brent Hull and Southface Institute’s Laura Case to hear their perspectives on the subject.  Brent is a firm believer in preservation, and has a dogged determination to keep craft alive. He goes after the “low-hanging fruit” in terms of energy efficiency, taking basic measures to ensure his houses perform reasonably well, but he places far more emphasis on centuries-old building techniques. He suggests that people take care of buildings that are beautiful, which means they are less…


Two London Creatives Shore Up a Tiny Beach House, Ikea Hack Kitchen Included

To be filed under: The Ultimate in Simple Summer Living. Marcia Mihotich and Durrell Bishop’s tiny beach shack stands right in the sand at the mouth of the River Thames in Kent, England, and like its neighbors is little more than a wooden tent. The pleasing simplicity continues inside. The couple happen to be two of London’s most interesting creatives—Marcia is a graphic designer and illustrator (her clients include Donna Wilson, the School of Life, and Studiomama, whose own shack is just two doors away) and Durrell is an interactive product designer at Line-us. Not surprisingly, they took a hands-on…


Everything You Need to Know About Owari Mandarin Trees

Owari Mandarin trees, also known as Satsumas, produce a bounty of juicy, easy-to-peel, seedless oranges that ripen early, through December. Because they’re self-pollinating, you only need one to gain this harvest. Owari Mandarin trees can be planted as stand-out specimens or to add a pop of color on your patio, planted in a pot that can be taken indoors during the cooler months. This cold-hardy orange variety is available even to those in colder climates, and its clusters of fragrant white blossoms attract all sorts of pollinators in the spring. Owari Mandarin Trees at a Glance Juicy, easy-to-peel, seedless fruit…

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