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The BS* + Beer Show: A Deep Dive Into Dehumidification

Humidity control in homes is not just a building durability issue, it’s also a significant health issue, and not just because of mold. And mechanical dehumidification is no longer just an issue for hot/humid climate zones. As the earth warms and our climate changes, the length of the hot and humid season is growing in areas where builders have historically ignored dehumidification. Moreover, in low-load homes and swing seasons, where the air conditioner doesn’t need to run constantly, we need to control humidity separate from the air conditioner’s latent load capacity.This is the gist of the latest BS* + Beer…


Abell Pest Control Review 2020

A pest infestation can affect the health of your family and pets, so it’s best to attack the source of the problem as soon as possible. To help you find the best pest control provider, the This Old House Reviews team took a look at some of the top pest management companies in the nation, including Terminix, Orkin, and Rentokil, and compared them to Abell Pest Control. Our top recommendation for your pest control needs is Terminix, a company with PhD-level entomologists and over 90 years of experience in the industry. To make sure you get the best plan for…


Environmental Pest Service Reviews

Pests can quickly multiply from a handful into an infestation—and your house is the last place you want that to happen. It’s not just that pests are irritating. They can pose a threat to your family and pets if they carry diseases, like mice and cockroaches. If you don’t have the expertise or time to tackle your pest problem, consider hiring a professional pest control company to do it for you. The This Old House Reviews Team has evaluated many pest control companies across the country on metrics like services, availability, and customer satisfaction to help you with your search.…


Best Home Warranty Companies in South Carolina

A South Carolina home warranty can prevent you from paying expensive repair or replacement costs when an important home item, like your electrical system, garbage disposal, garage door opener, or water heater, fails from regular use. To make your home warranty search easier, the This Old House Reviews team compared a variety of companies in South Carolina to find the best service contract for your home protection needs. Read on to learn what your top options are. Top Home Warranty Companies in South Carolina When determining the best home warranty companies in South Carolina, our team looked at levels of…


Energy Agency Warns of Dangerous Rebound in Carbon Emissions

Investing stimulus money in energy improvements for new and existing buildings would create up to 1.9 million new jobs while reducing carbon emissions, according to a new analysis by the International Energy Agency. GBA file photo. The executive director of the International Energy Agency (IEA) has warned that the next several months will be pivotal in reshaping global economies to prevent a rebound in carbon emissions and the climate change that will come with it. In an interview, Fatih Birol told The Guardian that the trillions of dollars that governments around the globe will pour into pandemic stimulus packages can…


A Minimalist Tropical Apartment for an Art Collector in São Paulo, Brazil

When Brazilian architect and designer Felipe Hess renovated a 4,800-square-foot apartment for a young art collector, he let the client’s antique Brazilian furniture and artwork dictate the space. The apartment, located on Avenida Paulista in São Paulo, Brazil, was originally sectioned off into a series of small rooms. Hess converted it into just two rooms: a living area encompassing a kitchen and dining room and a 1,100-square-foot bedroom. “The idea was to make the architecture disappear by creating a neat and clean backdrop to house the vast art collection, which is in constant transformation,” says Hess. Here’s a look at the…

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