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An Updated Neoclassical House for a Modern Minimalist Family

Ann-Christin Wentzel discovered Studio Oink via Instagram. Taken with their playfully bright take on minimalism and their respect for the antique, she enlisted Lea Korzeczek and Matthias Hiller— the duo behind the memorably named design studio—to renovate the breakfast area and ballroom at Schloss Teutschenthal, the Wentzel family estate-turned-hotel in Halle, Germany, where Anni is managing director. One room led to another: Studio Oink is currently finishing up the resort’s 20 guest quarters—and along the way also got enlisted to work on Anni and her husband Carl-Niklas Wentzel’s own house. Anni and Carl had lived in a loft in a…


Remodeling 101: Moroccan Tadelakt Plaster Finish

We’ve long admired the glossy, seamless walls of traditional Moroccan hammam baths, but knew little about the age-old tadelakt technique used to get them. After spotting the finish in a number of kitchens and baths featured here on Remodelista, we set out to learn more. What is tadelakt exactly, and why the growing popularity? For answers, we turned to Orit Yanai, a San Francisco artisan and expert in the technique. “First of all, it’s gorgeous,” she told us. “And second, people really don’t like dealing with grout.” We’re listening. Above: Architect Elizabeth Roberts opted to coat the living room fireplace surround in tadelakt…


Building Strategies in a Hot, Humid Climate

AlbertoArriaga33 is wrestling with plans for a new home in a tropical location. He doesn’t say exactly where, but conditions are certainly challenging: high heat and high humidity, with nighttime temperatures dipping only into the upper 70s and outdoor relative humidity hovering at about 70%. Exterior walls will be grouted concrete block, what Alberto says is standard construction in the tropics. Outside walls will be finished with a cementitious plaster and then painted. On the inside, light steel framing and stud cavities filled with R-15 mineral wool batts. “However,” Alberto writes in this Q&A post, “I have many doubts and…

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