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DIY Paneled Wood Headboard: A Finnish Blogger’s Bedroom Upgrade, Tight Quarters Edition

Above: Hammering the panels. “The last plank is the one that goes on top; attach it with screws or wood glue or both,” says Maiju. “I also covered the screw marks with a filler to give them a more finished look.” Maiju says she’s self taught and that one project has led to another: “It’s been a long process starting with painting picture frames and chairs. Over time, I’ve learned to use different electrical tools. Renovation projects are my meditation. And since my other work is digital, it’s always so rewarding to see concrete results.” Interestingly, Maiju’s last name, Saha,…


Wood Fiber Insulation Launch Pushed to 2021

Builders eager to get their hands on wood fiber insulation produced on this side of the Atlantic will be waiting until the end of next year before it becomes available. GO Lab is now repurposing a shuttered paper mill in Madison, Maine, and is on track to become the first North American producer of a type of insulation that’s available only as a European import. The company, which first announced its plans in 2017, says it will close on $60 million in financing in late July or August. But engineering, financing, and other parts of the business have come together…


Steal This Look: An Antique Dealer’s DIY Kitchen, Painted Checkerboard Floor Included

Earlier this year, Margot wrote about the charming home of antiques dealer Jonathan Burden and costume designer JJ Joseph (see Farmhouse Refresh: A Clean and Simple Family Retreat on Shelter Island). The couple had chosen to buy the old, scrappy farmhouse because nothing had been done to it—“so we didn’t have to redo bad things,” Jonathan told Margot. Instead of renovating it, they revived it, respectfully straightening its bones and polishing its surfaces. The TLC they gave to the house is evident in every room—including the kitchen. “The kitchen is located in a long-ago converted chicken coop, which the Burdens…


Greenwashing Patrol: Product Retrospective (Part 3)

Free time not being in short supply in these days of sheltering in place, it’s time to review more “Green Police” videos to see how well our reviews and analyses have aged. If you missed the first few rounds of our product retrospective, click here for the original post and here for Volume 2. A few years back, green remodeler Michael Anschel of Minneapolis-based OA Design+Build+Architecture and I made a video series called the “Green Police” for The Journal of Light Construction and Hanley Wood. We reviewed new products with humor, but also a critical eye, and made predictions on…


Watch This Quick & Easy Shingle Siding Installation

White cedar shingles are a classic siding choice for homes on Cape Cod since they contain natural oils that are resistant mold, rot, and insects. For our 2020 Idea House: The Cottage on the Cape, we chose our shingles factory-finished in a rich Atlantic Blue to save time and labor. This, together with an easy installation tool that eliminates the need for measuring, leveling and snapping course lines, makes for a swift install. White Cedar Shake Shingles: SBC Cedar https://www.thisoldhouse.com/cottage-on-the-cape-idea-house/21284166/easy-shingle-siding-installation


How to Restore Faded Pavers

Courtesy Masonry Cosmetics, Inc. Try Concrete Stain The simplest path to reviving tired pavers is to apply an acrylic-based semitransparent concrete stain, such as Behr Premium Semi-transparent Concrete Stain ($27/gal.; Home Depot) or Valspar Semi-transparent Concrete Stain ($28/gal.; Lowe’s). These go on like paint, with a brush or roller, but also leave a shiny coating. How to Restore Color to Faded Pavers To restore color below the surface, Indiana-based Masonry Cosmetics offers a DIY paver-coloring kit that infuses mineral pigments back into the masonry itself without the need for a sealer. The Restore Paver Color System kit ($76, Amazon; results…

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