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The BS* + Beer Show: Choosing and Using Water-Resistive Barriers

Our panelists on last week’s *building science show were builders Jake Bruton and Ben Bogie who have over a half-century of combined experience choosing and using water-resistive barriers (WRBs) for the high-performance homes they build in Columbia, MO and Portland, ME, respectively. Before we opened the episode to a free-flowing Q&A and conversation full of real-world insights from our panelists, I gave a short presentation to establish the basics of WRBs. Based on the articles I researched and wrote last year, I discussed the role many of today’s WRBs can play in our wall assemblies, which often is more than water management…


Expert Advice: 13 (Great) Questions for Architect Gil Schafer

Anthony D’Argenzio, the founder of NY-based creative agency Zio & Sons, specializes in creating characterful, layered interiors with what he calls “a high-end look on a budget.” Not long ago, he and his wife, Hillary D’Argenzio, a wine consultant, bought a two-story 1910 house just off the main drag in Hudson, New York, as a weekend project. Anthony, an enterprising sort, recently finished overhauling the 1,300-square-foot second floor apartment, which he calls “a study in 50 shades of weathered white.” The photo studio/event space, named This Old Hudson, is now available for rent. When it came to outfitting the interiors, Anthony shopped the downtown, gathering…


How to Make a Cat Bed from a Basket

Project details Skill 1 out of 5 Easy Cost $12 + cost of the basket Estimated Time 1 hour How do you make a simple cat bed for your feline friend? It’s easy—all you need is a woven basket, plywood, and some creativity and you’ve got the perfect place for kitty to rest and relax. Follow these steps: DIY Cat Bed Directions: 1. Mark the Basket Size Place the basket onto the plywood. Using a pencil, mark the outline of the basket on the plywood. 2. Cut the Plywood Using a jigsaw, cut just inside the marked outline to allow…


How to Build a Shoe Dresser

Project details Skill 3 out of 5 Moderate Cost $100 and up Estimated Time 10 hours This DIY shoe dresser makes compact storage with tilt-out bins, and a handy top drawer for additional storage. While the outer box is made from 1x12 boards, the drawer, bins and faces area all made from plywood that can be easily cut into strips with a circular saw (or by an associate at the homecenter!). For the inside, we used a half sheet of ¾-inch birch plywood, while I upgraded to walnut-veneer plywood for the faces to create a midcentury-style mix contrasting with the…


3-Room Remodels That Transform the Home

Project details Skill 3 out of 5 Moderate Cost $3150 and up Estimated Time Varied Jenn Largesse from House One explores three beautiful room remodels to show you how far your budget, style, and DIY skills can go to transform a space. Scroll down for more information about the bloggers who completed these renovations and the details of their remodels, and visit their blogs linked in each description to see the full projects!! This Video is sponsored by our friends at Discover Personal Loans. If you need help financing your next home remodel project, consider a Discover personal loan. It’s…


The Anti-Surburban Beach House: A New Build That Prioritizes Craft Over Style, Community Over Privacy

It’s natural to be influenced by your travels and to pepper your home with interior souvenirs. For instance, after vacationing in the Southwest one year, I became enamored with desert style and promptly picked up a few potted succulents, a Cosanti wind bell, and a couple throw pillows in that peach-coral hue so popular in that region of the country. Few among us, though, can claim to return from a trip and build an entirely new house inspired by the local architecture spotted while on vacation. But such is the case with Vikki, the globe-trotting client of Australian architecture firm…

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