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Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2020

Every mom deserves something special. From gardening accessories to power tools, we have ideas to make it easier for you to find the perfect gift. Read on to see our top picks for mom this year. 1. Stalwart Parts & Crafts Rack Style Tool Box This is the great storage solution for arts and crafts enthusiasts, or anyone who needs to get a little more organized. Use compartments to store stationary, jewelry, makeup essential, art supplies and more. About $19; Amazon 2. ASAKUKI Smart Wi-Fi Essential Oil Diffuser This essential oil diffuser allows you to control it using an app.…


Expert Advice: 23 Genius, Reversible, Budget-Friendly Hacks to Transform a Rental Apartment

Here in New York, finding the perfect apartment is an almost futile quest. Unless you’re one of the lucky few—we all know that one person who somehow happened upon a gem, with hardwood floors, an updated kitchen, tasteful light fixtures, and a working fireplace to boot—chances are you’ll end up wanting to change at least one thing about your apartment. (I love the big windows and tall ceilings of my Manhattan rental, but I curse the brown laminate kitchen cabinets every time I walk by.) But we’ve learned that you don’t have to just live with the cards you’re dealt,…


Does This Tiny Island Hold the Answer to the Future of Electricity?

Living on an island forces one to be an innovator in ways large and small. For the 50 or so year-round residents of Isle au Haut, an island off the coast of Maine, innovation can look like using PVC pipe as a curtain rod because there are no real curtain rods at hand—or it can look like the future of the nation’s electrical grid. The 6-mile by 2-mile island has been facing disruption of its electricity supply. So the islanders, as they do every day, got creative—and in the process integrated technology that’s been available for decades with emerging innovations…


How to Build a Birdhouse | House One

Everyone has scrap wood laying around the shop or garage. Why not put it to use? Building a birdhouse is a simple woodworking project that parents can include their young children in. Follow these steps to learn how to build a birdhouse with everyday materials. Steps for Building a Birdhouse: 1. Size the Pieces Using a miter saw and the provided cut list, cut the 1x6 board and ¼-inch plywood pieces to size. Mark the center point along the top edge of the front and back walls. From the center point, clip each top corner at a 45-degree miter to…


Pine Cones as Decor: Atelier Vime’s DIY Door Surround

Like so many of us, Anthony Watson and Benoît Rauzy of Atelier Vime are finding reassurance and inspiration right now in nature. The couple make and sell some of France’s loveliest rattan furniture, new and vintage: see Rattan Revival. They’re currently at work on their next collection while “in containment in our farmhouse on the west coast of France.” Via Instagram, Julie and I fell in love with Anthony’s latest household improvement: a pine bough door surround for their already extraordinary-looking home office. Anthony told us how he made it. Photography courtesy of Atelier Vime (@ateliervime). Above: It all started…


Straightforward Air Sealing Strategies

I built my first home for a customer back in 2000, I’ve learned a lot since then. One of the areas I’ve learned the most is in building tightness. These days I’m working more as an energy auditor than a builder. Conducting code-compliance blower-door testing on new homes and conducting energy audits, some with blower door testing, on older homes. I get lots of chances to see where homes leak. I live in Climate Zone 7. With 10,000 heating degree days and usually fewer than 500 cooling degree days, builders in my area get away with using polyethylene sheeting as…

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